Breasts out and laying on the ground for snow fun

Snow Fun

Breasts out and laying on the ground for snow fun

I am the first to admit that snow and fun don’t necessarily go hand in hand in my mind. But when I woke up on New Year’s Eve (#) the excitement of my friend SWL was contagious. She loves dry extremes, either desert hot or icy mountain cold. I’m a wet, windy and muddy weather kind of girl, and extremes of heat and cold make me a little bit grumpy.

So how did she get me out for some snow fun?

Snow is somewhat scarce in the south west of the UK. But on her side of the moor it settles a little thicker and lasts a little longer. SWL is also well equipped with snowy weather gear thanks to a life once lived. I don’t think for a minute she would have let me stay home, but it was the thought of a rare snowy day picture for Sir that got me smiling about leaving the house. With that picture idea came the realisation that the scavenger hunt has “snow field” as a location.

Sir’s picture has me standing, erect nipples and big grin on display for all to see. And there were a lot of people out and about, enjoying the frigid air and first snowfall of the season! But once I was covered up and cosy again we realised that none of the pictures were really suitable for this space. So I got down on the ground and lifted my top… My kind of snow fun!

Who else has been out in the snow for the Scavenger Hunt?

My investigation showed four active blogs with submissions for the “snow field” location. I remembered one post from my reader back in May. I loved it then, and seeing it again now makes me smile. For this reason there was only one option: Sub Bee’s post Snowbody Around shows them standing on a snowy forest path, breasts exposed. I can just imagine the proud giggles that they would have been wearing! Much more warming than any thermal underwear.

(# I woke up = when I was woken by an over exited SWL shouting “I know we are grown ups but look, look, LOOK!!!!! It’s snowing!” through the door)

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

January Jumpstart


  1. Love this. I actually had to look twice to see you had your boobs bare, I was so focused on the snow and your fun position, I missed that when initially seeing the image 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I’m very much with you, I don’t enjoy the cold at all. But you’re right, sometimes giggles are much more warming than thermals.

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