B in my rope, for a trip with a difference: part 2

A Trip With a Difference: Part 2- Rope

B in my rope, for a trip with a difference: part 2
Belinda and Boudicca framed by my rope.

So, october half term, 2017, I paid a visit to my good friend B. In A trip With A Difference: Part 1- Shopping we took a trip to Salisbury train station to see off another friend, and by way of cheering her up I took her into the first sex shop I had visited almost 20 years previously. However, the toy shop was a surprise addition to my visit, what had been part of the plan originally? I was due to meet another friend of B, a play partner that had an interest in bondage! His technical skills with rope would be good due to his profession, but people and trees are very different.

I was well on my journey with rope by this point, and five to six days without being able to feel the strands between my fingers was unfathomable.

So the opportunity to tie B and her friend was hugely exciting! Add to this a recent purchase from an Etsy seller who just happened to be few miles away from B. The vendors were people I held in high regard with their instagram and fetlife presence. As a result we had got chatting and they invited me to collect the ropes as I would be in the area. I was welcome to stop for a cuppa if I liked. Well… I like to take up random opportunities like this. Those two questions of Sir ever present in my mind:

  • Is it safe?
  • Do I want to? 

As the answer to both was yes I agreed to go. A plan for my week began to take shape.

On the Sunday I would show B and her friend some rope work, and on the Moonday I would collect my new supplies. And then? The rest of my stay would be free flowing.

After a relaxed morning of breakfast, dog walking and chatter, B and I travelled to her friends house. As itwas the first time I had met him and we bonded over a cup of tea and conversation about friction. Seeing B with another of her close friends was lovely, she was so relaxed and happy. At one point he and I each took one of her legs and he and I did a basic ladder tie, like this one here. We tidied away the ropes and drained our mugs before B and I headed off. He had his son for the afternoon but would pop round later that evening. He had something to drop off, but he was also intrigued by the rope.

When he arrived that evening it didn’t take long for the bondage fun to begin. There were so many ties: basic but fun. He was most impressed with the lightning harness, how quick and easy it was. I enjoyed tying them together in awkward positions. I took a lot of pictures that evening, but my favourite is B in a very quick body harness. The rope work frames the girls beautifully. (The girls being B’s breasts: Belinda and Boudicca)

Sharing my love of rope is one of my favourite things, and we all had fun that night.

The following day B was working, and I had a rope order to pick up. With the address being just a few miles away I decided to walk. I had been taking myself to Dartmoor for walks with my rope for a couple of months so I would continue in this urban environment. At this point I was taking steps to improve both my physical and mental health, and it seemed silly that a break away should get in the way of progress there. I hadn’t bargained on the hills, rough and rocky ground or indirect route which turned 3 miles into 4.5. As a result, the woman who eventually knocked on her door was a sweaty mess! No matter, the first cup of tea was gladly accepted, and my greedy hands accepted the rope bundle.

She boiled the kettle for a second cup each, assured me that her dominant would be arriving soon. As she was pouring our drinks he walked through the door. Every bit the larger than life character I had expected to meet. As we discussed a local event it emerged that we shared a connection of the not so positive kind. I felt validated in my observations of MS as they spoke about the troubles he had caused the local scene. We chatted a while longer before he asked if there was anything I would like to do rope wise, while I was there. I was, at the time, preparing for a sadistic rope workshop so asked him for ideas. My wondering also extended to the psychological side of bondage, and asked for tips there too.

I was in luck!

He had a signature calf/shin tie which he showed me, using my leg. Ooof, that felt incredible. I would need to practise, but the sweat that poured from my forehead as he worked it tighter… I was in heaven. This would be perfect for the workshop. As for the connection, and encouraging the bunny to slip into rope space? Well, he showed me some of the techniques he used, both on myself and his sub. I have to admit his technique was very good. For knocking me off balance and relaxing me. I could only guess that this ability is more achievable with practice and a strong foundation of trust. I prepared myself for years of trial and error until I got this right.

When I left their studio-workshop I felt like I had made a good connection, and we remain in contact to this day. Mostly via Instagram. Taking a different route back to B’s house, it was with relief that I found the road way flatter and easier going underfoot. It was also much shorter! I wasn’t a sweaty, dripping mess when I got back. We arrived at more or less the same time, and spent the evening swapping stories of our day.

With me in the kitchen, cooking up a storm to celebrate a day well lived.


Frisky Friday




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    1. There are so many good people in the world with so many stories and skills to share. It would be a shame to not make those connections. 😊

    1. I do have some fun adventures. Tomorrow’s post is the finale of this trip.

      These breasts are not mine. They belong to the marvellous B, posted with permission of course. This was the first time I had tied her. Such a treat for both of us. N xx

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