Hand stretched out to the lake beyond for Mr Magic Fingers

Mr Magic Fingers

Hand stretched out to the lake beyond for Mr Magic Fingers
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

The morning after our visit to Temptation it was time to head for home. Our adventures from the last few days fresh in both of our minds it was with happy hearts we bade each other farewell. But on the way home I had this creeping sensation that I wasn’t done. My body ached for more, and as I had another child free night, this time in my own home. I decided to follow up on one of my fabswingers conversations, a man who seemed sensible and self assured. His fetish was for squirty girls, and he wanted to see if I was a match for his skilled fingers.

As soon as I got through the door I sent the invitation.

He was available for my entertainment so we arranged a time for him to arrive. His only request was for a cup of coffee on arrival. Easy!

He wasn’t quite as I expected him to be. His build was wiry, and he was only just the same height as me. Funny how fabswingers seems to add a couple of inches onto men’s profiles as standard? But he had a big smile, and a wicked glint in his eyes. Once the first hot drink was out of the way we got to playing. His hands were definitely skilled and matched by an enthusiasm which soon had me squirming. Once we had established that the previous evening’s antics weren’t a one off, and that I was more than capable of gushing all over him he started to move me into various positions.

Each time he got me close to orgasm his fingers would snake inside and… I would erupt.

It was extremely evident that he was enjoying my physical reaction as much as I was, sporting an erection inside his cotton trousers. Once we had paused for a drink I got the chance to enjoy his member, head back over the side of the sofa and him buried to the hilt in my waiting throat. He built up a rhythm as he reached forward and began his assault on my swollen cleft once more. Reaching a crescendo while I simultaneously gagged and gushed, losing myself in the moment.

And then he withdrew.

I was bewildered for a moment, until I realised he was asking if I could do a shoulder stand. He wanted me to have my back against the sofa, bum in the air. Sliding off of my sodden leather sofa I grabbed another drink before assuming the position. Yes, he fucked me in that position, feet either side of my head, his legs as long as my body meant we were at the right height for mutual pleasure. But between each vigorous ride he took there would be a pause, and his hand would take its place,

Fingers skimming my trigger switch and turning me into a sprinkler system.

Both of us showered in my arousal that night, and when he was ready he used my swollen hole for his pleasure before withdrawing, removing the condom and adding his own release to the sticky wet slicks that covered my upturned body.

Making a second coffee for him, and a large glass of water for me we sat and laughed on the sofa as I came back to my senses. No, the night at Temptations hadn’t been a fluke. And yes, I loved every filthy minute of being adorned in my floods of pleasure.

I haven’t seen him again. We tried a couple of times but things fell through for one reason or another. Then he left fab, and when he came back he tried to dominate me which isn’t something I appreciated so I ensured we lost touch. But…

…That one night with Mr Magic Fingers has provided some excellent memories.

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    1. It didn’t feel particularly hot as I mopped up afterwards, but it was a stand out one for sure. 😉

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