Safety First: No Condom, No Entry

Genitals created with food, banana wearing a condom
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After my weekend at the party and the rope munch it was another fortnight before I could scratch the itch that I had been craving since my half term break away. This gave me enough time restock my condom stores. My longing to be well and truly fucked did not subside during the four weeks. Perhaps it was due to the timing. I had finished withdrawing from one set of anti depressants and found myself in limbo while I waited for the new ones to build to a therapeutic level. Either that or my libido had just been woken up in the club with my friend.

No worries, my birthday weekend provided childfree time. And fabswingers provided the cock.

Well, there is never any shortage of men wanting to get their end away on there, but I was looking for something specific. This was someone I wanted to meet for one evening of passion, they had to have the required equipment. It took a while to be chatting to who I thought was the right person. He was younger than I would generally go for, but he was good looking, could form sentences and was very well endowed. We chatted, and when he asked what I had in mind I told him exactly what I wanted. And that he wouldn’t be going anywhere near my cunt until I had crested three times.

The evening came, and he text, asking me to collect him from the train station. I got to my local one and asked where he was. He was on his way to his local one. In the next town. 9 Miles away. By this point I was already out of my house, and horny as hell. I hot footed it down the road and waited in the car park at the station. When he climbed in next to me he was exactly as I had imagined. He was good looking, just looking at him turned me on. And he was good company, we had a decent chat on the drive home. I made coffees before guiding him upstairs. We were both eager to get the evening’s orgasms underway.

We had a lot of fun, well I did. Each orgasm was powerful and delicious. I think he would agree with the latter too. But when it was time for him to provide the required cock, after those three orgasms, we hit a stumbling block.

All of a sudden he didn’t want to wear a condom.

I don’t imagine this is an unfamiliar scenario for many of us, but it had been many years since I had run into someone who point blank refused.

The 4.5 week wait for a quality fuck had felt long, and if he didn’t wind his neck in I would not be getting what I wanted. I laid down my expectations. “You can either put on a condom and bury yourself inside of me, or you can sit in the corner over there (pointing to a far corner of the room) and wait while I make myself come another three times.” I imagined he would change his mind and sheath himself while I took care of my needs.

Oh, how wrong I was!

  • First he wanted me to suck him while I played with myself. – Nope. You can sit over there or put on a condom.
  • Then he wanted to vape. – Nope. This is my bedroom, if you want to smoke you can go out in the back garden.
  • Next he wanted to get comfy on my bed. – Are you wearing a condom? Nope! Corner it is.

Once I had achieved my next 3 orgasms, he was still steadfastly refusing to cover up and so I made myself a cup of tea, and offered him a cup of coffee. I was cross, having waited so long for this and being let down by this silly boy and his desire for bareback.

Once I had finished my drink he got himself dressed and asked for a lift back to the train station. I gave him directions back to the station in town and bade him farewell, suggesting that he could smoke on the walk there. The frustration was just so cross making!

And that, I thought, was the end of it.

Again, I was wrong!

The following day came a verification request on the site. I wouldn’t be giving him one as he had not met my expectations. There were options to leave negative feedback, report him or ignore his request. I chose the last option. Then, a week or so later, he calls just before my children’s bedtime. “I can’t talk long, what do you want?”

He leapt into a tale of sadness and despair. His last meet before me had actually been with a friend of his. A girl a few years younger than him. She had just messaged to tell him she was pregnant. She hadn’t been on the pill as he thought. He felt as if she had trapped him! I think he was expecting sympathy or some such nonsense. Instead he got this question from me:

“What has this taught you?

He couldn’t answer the question. Had no way to wrap his head around the answer that was so obvious to me.

“Perhaps you should consider wearing a condom in future?”

At this point I had to go. I had children to put to bed, and had no desire to listen to his complaining about a self-made problem. After a few more text messages he ended up being blocked on any possible platform that he could reach me. It didn’t stop him deleting his account and setting up new ones, but he wouldn’t be getting anywhere with me. He’d had his chance and blown it.

All because he found wearing a condom uncomfortable.

There is so much more story to tell. If you fancy buying me a coffee this means more writing!


  1. Wow – Powerful message her Barefoot – and I loved the way you told the tale – made me smile in parts – I wonder if he found condoms uncomfortable as he was “large” ?- Although I know they do sell condoms to cater for the more endowed male!
    May x

    1. I used to keep a selection of sizes and styles for any such occasion. However, he just would not listen. A silly, silly boy! Maybe he has learnt a thing or two?

      I think all too often women can feel pressured into condom free sex because condoms aren’t necessarily comfy. They may not be my preference but they are important. Especially if you have multiple lovers. You just never know! N x

  2. In this day and age, I don’t understand that some people still refuse to use condoms. I don’t want to say he got what he deserved, because it sounds so harsh, but the thought has crossed my mind…
    I can totally understand why you were cross!
    ~ Marie

    1. I’m with you Marie, it’s harsh but is not an unfamiliar response. It is a harsh reality that so little thought is sometimes given to the consequences of not using protection. N x

  3. First—condoms are not uncomfortable. In reality once they are on it’s easy to forget all about them. Second it is so foolish to go bareback. There needs to be trust and a knowledge of exclusivity as well as good health before you go that route. This guy sounds far too immature to dip his wick inside you. Just saying…

    1. Exactly. Which is why he sat in the corner! I feel no guilt for my actions, I just hope he has learnt his lesson and now covers up.

      It always surprises me how many people are looking for bareback. Phrases like “need a good fucking. Bareback only” is surprisingly common in statuses. Considering what we are going through with covid, you’d think it would hammer home the importance of health and hygiene!

  4. You told this so well, very entertaining and relatable (from your frustrated PoV). I cannot – in all honesty – relate to the desire not to wear a condom – as Marie says – in this day and age, just reckless as your partner for the night found out!
    I’m sorry your big plans got derailed by such irresponsible behaviour – thanks for sharing.

  5. I love how strong you are in this sort of situation. I know that you are totally right but I think this is what others find hard to do so they end up doing it anyway and then regretting it. I teach sex Ed and although they know what they should do, they still seem to take such pointless risks. Great post and thank you for adding it to TMA. Missy x

    1. I wonder if that strength comes from knowing and trusting my boundaries, and understanding how to communicate those needs. Certainly, the older I get the more confidence I have in these situations. It must be really challenging teach sex Ed. N xx

  6. As soon as you said he was a bit younger than you, I knew where it was going. I laughed when you said you sat him in the corner. That’s the perfect response for dealing with a selfish, recalcitrant child.

    1. It’s such a shame that people have to ruin it for the rest of their demographic. I’m sure not all young men (5+ years my junior) are like this but he left a frustration with me.

      Hopefully he has learnt his lesson. Either through my actions or his near miss.

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