Be An Opener Of Doors

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After I had closed the door on DrS I was faced with a dilemma.

We had planned to go to a new (to me) local munch together, and now that I wouldn’t be going with him would it be awkward if I went and saw him there. Or his friends. Should I stay home just in case I upset him by going? The answer to this was simple. I had been looking forward to going, and as the children were staying with their dad for a few days I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. My mind was made up with the reminder that I was only responsible for my actions, not his reactions, and so off I went.

I decided to make a day of it.

I took some of my rope, and stopped off for a walk along the river and through the woods on the way down. Naturally I was nervous, but even in the early days of my self tying I knew that it grounded me in a lovely way so I planned to get nearly naked in the woods and practise my latest tie. The Karada, done right, with the deliciously uncomfortable crotch rope, was exactly the right tie for this evening. Not only did I get to tie in the woods, but I also wore it all the way back to the car and on down to the munch.

I had been to other munches locally as well as further afield, and the ones that I have enjoyed the most are the ones I attended alone. I think, as a single female, you are automatically more approachable, so even if you don’t know anyone the opportunity to talk is vastly improved. But this munch was different to any other that I had been to. The set up was a number of different tables, and the hosts were flowing  between them. Talking to everyone, making sure that newcomers were introduced and no-one was left out. On this first night I knew that I would return, and that a whole new world of friendships had come into view. The hosts have become some truly treasured friends, and I look forward to sharing some of those moments here. But the stand out connection that I made on this particular evening was with Loki. He had been at my first rope event and of all the people at the munch he was the only one who noticed the rope at my neckline. We were soon lost in conversation.

Sometimes we just meet people who surf the same waves.

Dartmoor and rope being top of the list. It felt like an instant bond. He wasn’t a hugely experienced rigger, but was making every effort to learn. He didn’t like being in rope though. That was fine with me, I was more than happy to be a bunny, and perhaps we could both learn to tie some new things? So numbers were exchanged and we spent a very happy evening discussing life, the universe and everything in our own little bubble in the middle of a bustling munch. This is how our friendship came to be. Thinking back, if I had attended the munch with DrS I would probably have sat in conversation (ish) with him rather than mingling with strangers.

There is truth in the saying that as one door shuts another one opens.

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Be An Opener Of Doors was first published on A Leap of Faith.


    1. Even when all the doors stay open we can keep our eyes peeled for new doors.

      Looking back at my rope work I find it quite interesting to see how far I’ve come. I’m much more fussy over how things look now that i have the feel for rope. I am having to reign that in again now though. I’ve gone too far the other way 😉 n xx

    1. Sometimes, when we take a chance, things go wrong but thamere is always a lesson so it is never a bad thing x

    1. Loki is one of many right persons who have found their way into my world. I’m looking forward to seeing him (and all of the other special people) again after restrictions are lifted further.

  1. I’m a big fan of the idea that we can’t control the reactions of others, only our own actions. Makes everything so much less stressful and so much more manageable.

    1. It takes some practise though, doesn’t it? Its a concept I have only been able to out words to in the last few years. But I do sleep better at night.

  2. “With the deliciously uncomfortable crotch rope” made me smile.
    I also find that attending events alone is more beneficial sometimes. When you arrive with someone you know you’re more likely to stick to that person and be less open for making new connections or others are more way of approaching you. It sounds like this event was a really welcoming one. I’m happy for you!

    1. Thank you ML, it really was. I wonder what will happen to this community as lockdown is eased?

    1. It is a good little thought process for those decisions which feel bigger than they actually are.
      Profound is a great word, thank you.

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