At The Groyne

Barefoot sub has her breasts out at the Groyne

“At the groyne” he said, pointing at the seaweed covered wooden uprights.

Surprised at the ever expanding vocabulary my youngest displays I took the proffered Mussel from his little hand. Wading through the shallows to deposit it in its new home a memory joggled free of the recesses. The Scavenger Hunt! I was sure this was a location, and I certainly didn’t have it yet. If it wasn’t a location I could always suggest it! I couldn’t check though. We had inadvertently stumbled across a black spot in mobile data.

We had originally set out to play in the woods.

I was sad on Sunday and needed some nature, part of my self care toolkit! I thought I would cheer myself up with a game of hide and seek! Also, there were trees to recce for a walk with Loki, and a potential water tower, which required extra investigation. However, the boys over-ruled me and wanted the beach. This turned out to be the best choice. Big sky, sunshine glinting off the glossy waters. And this opportunity.

To expose myself at the groyne…

As ever it was a quick job. I was far enough away from people that I could afford to relax a little. Lots of families playing in the sand, but very few braving the water. The encroaching tide was leading to some more lively waves, and one caught my thigh, splashing my skirt up and between my legs. To onlookers I must have looked like I had gone into the water to relieve myself! It is a good job I don’t find things like this humiliating, isn’t it?

It turned out to be a fun afternoon.

  • Sunshine,
  • smiles with my children,
  • faux-watersports,
  • sneaky exposure
  • ice cream
  • hunting for beach treasure

Who else has been exposing themselves at the groyne?

I am back to the queen of the Scavenger Hunt this time. Modesty Ablaze debates the difference between groins and groynes with her inimitable humour and her ever patient and obedient husband. Modestly Groyned made me smile when it popped up in my reader at the end of August. It also took her further away from me catching her up in my hunt… I’d be grumpy, but how could I be with a post like this.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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