Naked bottom after a nettle thrashing on dartmoor

Nettle Thrashing on Dartmoor

Naked bottom after a nettle thrashing on dartmoor

Week three of my February photo fest adventures is barefoot in the wild. And there seems little more appropriate than my bare backside after a delicious and impromptu impact session play session. But what happens after a nettle thrashing on Dartmoor? Well, let me tell you what happened to me…

Late summer 2019 and I found myself on Dartmoor, shorts pulled down before being flogged with nettles and fucked. It was a heady experience, and one I would enjoy repeating at some point.

I’ve enjoyed playing with nettles for some time now, the intensity of the sensation- prickly, poisonous kisses which just keep smooching- is really quite delicious. On this occasion I had slipped off to the moor for a few hours of walking, before heading home, showering and heading back out to the munch I was hosting at the time. (I haven’t told you about hosting yet, but it was this munch)

So, I am at the munch, and it is busy! There are people coming and going, I’m greeting folks and making introductions. Alongside the regulars there were new attendees who had just moved to the area for Uni, and old attendees leaving. Again, for Uni, it was that time of year. So, there was an awful lot of up-and-down, mooching and mingling. Each time I moved there would be a wave of stinging across my sensitive flesh. The grin on my face showing more than any of my other reactions. The story shared with the friends I knew well. I was only able to share the image above, but they understood the grin on my face, and mirrored it as their own experiences or desires slipped from between their smiling lips.

The following morning I still had the remnants of an afternoon well spent, but pretty soon after that the pain subsided completely. A fairly swift return to normal, ready for the next foray into kink.

February Photofest

Did you like the marks after my nettle thrashing on Dartmoor? You can find more marks in this post: Passion is more developed than discovered.


    1. I shall take that compliment and run with it!

      I think they are at their stingiest (if that’s the word) when they are in flower. But this was August so the prison was less potent!

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