LiFE Lesson #3

life lesson #3 header shows me in a running bra in the dappled sunlight of woodland

Life Lesson #3 is one that I have learnt in stages. I identified as runner long ago, when I was turning up to races and coming in last! I never once considered myself a failure, quite the opposite. As time passes I have begun to take that into my life away from running. Not that any two parts of me are every really separate. And I always just keep moving forward.

There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving.

Amby Burfoot

Running has taught me so much about tenacity, self acceptance and achieving.

Sometimes you know where you are going, sometimes it is a giant surprise. But it is my experience that you always end up exactly where you are meant to be. 

This may not be the most glamorous of underwear, but it represents a strength which, to me, is inherently sexy.


It really is just about putting one foot in front of the other.


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LiFE Lesson #3 is the latest addition to my series celebrating what I’ve learnt about life through Lingerie and quotes. Check out the archives here.


    1. Thank you Marie.

      There is almost always a smile when I’m running. And also when I expose myself. Its a win:win situation this one πŸ˜‰ N x

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