An Unusual Vineyard

Exposing my breasts in the middle of a Lanzrote vineyard, which is unusual, by UK standards
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Did you think I’d finished sharing my holiday memories? Or more to the point, did you think my Lanzarote exposures were complete? I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Scavenger Hunt post, and that was Devon-based. Well, I couldn’t not share this holiday snap. SWL and I were in awe of the way farmers work on the little island of Lanzarote. How they turn that dry, desolate landscape into productive, if somewhat unusual, farmland, or in this case – a vineyard.

The first time we drove through the area was on Christmas day.

This was after an exploratory trip down the West coast of the island, followed by dinner of Paella on the seafront. With the dying embers of sun set, it was so lovely to pass the Bodegas. They were lit up like Christmas trees, car parks full to overflowing. But we couldn’t see the landscape in the gathering dark. So we decided to revisit the area, later in the week, when we’d be heading north across the island after diving.

Earlier in the evening, the bodega car parks were filling up. Parking up, we took a stroll back down the highway and inspected these hollows in the ground. I’ve never visited a vineyard before, I’m glad my first was so unusual, so clever. The dip and the wall provide shelter for the plants against the fierce Atlantic winds from the north. The dip also captures moisture from mist and any rain. The porous, rocky, volcanic soil soaks up moisture, offering daytime humidity, as well as being surprisingly fertile. This all enables the plants to thrive.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

What is almost as unusual is that the vineyard is my 138th location shared for The Scavenger Hunt.

Nine years ago I’d not publicly shared my boobs on the internet ever. Wouldn’t have dreamed I could, they were not my favourite part of me. And now I love to share. Partly because I’m an exhibitionist, partly due to finding (and hosting) places to build my confidence, and in no small way down to the silly friends I have who make this all possible. If you’ve any suggestions for unusual, exciting places I could add to build my Scavenger Hunting then please let me know. Either in the comments below or using the contact form.

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