Little Caged Dick Invites Consequences

A key on a necklace for a padlock on a little caged dick

Think a little caged dick can’t get someone off? Think again! Thanks to the team at Lock The Cock for sponsoring this piece of chastity themed erotica. Header image courtesy of Alexey Demidov at Pexels.

Kisses peppering your thighs, my long blonde hair tickling in their wake, I hear you groan inwardly. Knowing my touch is getting to you I continue my journey of discovery up your body. Straddling your leg, my hot, wet apex gaining purchase on your knee. Those coarse hairs inflaming my desire almost as much as your moans. Rocking myself into you I lean forward, cup my breasts and begin to pinch and pull on my nipples. The pleasure so intense I want to arch my body, throw my head back and orgasm right there on your knee.

But I can’t.

That’s not entirely true, I just don’t want to.

Not yet.

Instead I want to tease myself with your reactions.

My delayed gratification made all the more intense by your denied cock, the desperation in your eyes, your absolute devotion.

I know you felt my arousal leaking onto your knee. Now the cool air of the bedroom serves to remind you just how turned on I am as leave a trail up your body. Your eyes look up into mine as you lick your lips before your mouth falls open. A throne for my pussy, tongue primed, ready for action.

But I’m feeling devilish today. And it seems that you are asking to lap at my bud, to bring me to orgasm, to… To feed your own fetish for face sitting. Well, today is not about you, not about what you want to do to me. In fact, the more desperate you are to please me the more pleasure I get from denying you. Since you realised you were too comfortable in the full-sized model and we downsized your cage, the denial causes such delicious tension in your body my orgasms are never far away.

So, instead of taking a seat I squat over you. Feet firmly planted beside your shoulders, allowing me to get low enough that you can almost taste, that my scent permeates your soul. The slickness that I drip onto your chin is the only contact you have with me, but even a gentle stroke of my engorged clit is threatening to send me over the edge and I’m enjoying this too much. Yes, I could easily cum and cum again, but how much more fun is it to edge myself, with little more than your visibly tense body and pitiful moans for stimulus?

Reaching back I can feel your little caged dick.

I flick the metal lock, run my perfectly manicured nail over the bars, over the angry, bulging flesh of your micro erection as it tries in vain to break free of its confines.

Your moans become panicked squeaks, eyes scrunched in torment. I can’t help grinning as I chastise you “did I say you could close your eyes?” There’s something you want to say – I know you’re getting close to using your words, but that doesn’t inspire me to go gentle on you. The rules are minimal, but it’s such fun encouraging you to slip up. You know it’s not permitted for you to cum without permission. Your hands are to be kept to yourself, unless I invite you to touch me. On the subject of touching, you are not permitted to touch yourself. You also know that I don’t want to hear you speak unless spoken to, unless it’s your safe word. Any accidents will be punished severely, whether physical or vocal.

Raking my nails over the sensitive crease of your groin, the place I know could get you off if there was friction for you to hump against. – Oh god, do you remember that time I grasped your naked cock in a hessian sack and tickled your crease? You humiliated yourself beautifully that day, dry humping the fabric until you spilled your seed inside. Mind you, that was before we discovered all the fun that I could have with cages. – Your pelvis rocks, your caged and pathetic little dick taking over in its quest for release, but to no avail. There is nothing that can be done, at least not by you. I catch your eye, give you a wicked smile and trigger a claret blush across your cheeks.

The resignation in your face as “please Mistress, please can I go to the loo?”

“You dare to speak to me without your safeword first? That’s one black mark against you.” We can both hear the scorn in my voice. “Quickly”, I say, and you scuttle from the bed to our bathroom. I give you long enough to sit down before sauntering in behind you.

“What have I told you about this?” You’re trying desperately to point what is left of your penis down into the toilet as I lean over you, roughly grip your wrists, place your hands to the back of your head, elbows outstretched and the soft fur in your pits beckoning a tickle. “That’s better”, I smile down at you now, “pretty as a picture.”

“But…” you begin to say, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes, beseeching me to relent. I’m demanding, sometimes I ponder it’s too much for you, but we know where your limits are. Anyway, I trust you to tell me if you need a pause, or a stop entirely. We may be 24/7 nowadays, but we were partners first. You are my most treasured possession, and yet also my equal. I’d never intentionally harm you and looking down at your body, I chuckle.

But what, exactly? Do you not need to go? You asked for permission to use the bathroom, naturally I agreed. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching you pee. But you know the rules. That’s the second infraction in quick succession, you know better than this.”

Your blush is back, that delicious blush, creeping up your neck, warming your cheeks.

And those eyes, begging me to stop. I can tell the pressure is building in your bladder. Well, good. the pressure is building in my pussy and it’s all your fault.

“I must not touch myself…” Your voice catches, your cheeks radiating heat now, your humiliation building.

“Right! No touching, which means a second mark against you today. And besides, I can’t SEE if your hands are down there. You know how I like to see. Besides, you’re barely recognisable as a man anymore, I like you to entertain me in other ways these days.”

I’m in full flow now, “you do it to yourself really. Forgetting that you’re not permitted to touch yourself under any circumstances. It’s almost like you want to tease me. But, you know I want to watch you pee. Now,” I sit on the side of the bath, we lock eyes briefly until you remember your place, drop your gaze shoulders following, “Stop. Wasting. My. Time.”

I cross my right knee over my left, jiggle my foot impatiently.

I’m about to remind you of posture when you seem to remember, straighten up. And as the pee starts to come it spurts and spatters through the bars of the cage. Some drips into the bowl having dribbled down your scrotum, gravity doing its work. But the rest bounces off the seat, puddling on the floor.

“My floor! Look what you’ve done. You bad boy, how dare you.” I was always going to win this game; you knew it, I knew it. But what you didn’t realise was that todays clean up would be different.

“Kneel.” Your eyes flicker up to mine, the tip of cage still sporting fat droplets of piss, your heavy scrotum bulging beneath the little cage is all that is left of your masculinity, your dick almost swallowed whole. And you do it, you drop to your knees beside the puddle. “Lets put that mouth to work. Clearly it has too much energy, speaking out of turn like that. Clean up your mess, dirty thing.” And I dip my toes in the puddle, presenting them to you. “Start with these, and then you can get on with that” I say, waving at the pool beneath the toilet bowl.

You diligently clean every last droplet of pee from my toes. Satisfied I place my foot on the dry floor, motion for you to do the same for the puddle. Leaning back I dip my hands to my aching cunt. Kneading my labia and circling my clit simultaneously, occasionally running a freshly pedicured toe across your tight balls. Your surrender as you humiliate yourself, kneeling at my feet, lapping and slurping on your own cold pee.

The corresponding groans of disgust bringing me close again.

As tempting as it is to get my harness and take your ass, right there on the bathroom floor as you lick up your cold piss I resist. That’s not my plan for today. Instead I throw a towel to the floor, “finish it with this and then follow me. Don’t make me wait.” I’m toying with the key around my neck as you turn to look at me, nod. I know what you’re thinking, but no. You’d be wrong. I’m not going to let you fuck me, not going to release you so you can bury yourself inside me, use me like that hessian sack. No. You poor thing.

Reaching into my bedside drawer I pull out my wand, plug it in.

You’re behind me in a flash. No sooner are your hands resting on my hips than I’m ducking to reach under the bed, “THAT is number three. When will you learn?” I chastise you, pulling out ropes, “lie down, on your back. Hands.” Using quick and dirty rope to secure you, keeping your naughty paws at bay, I climb on. The wand is beside you on the bed and you look nervously at it. “You think this is for you? Even with three marks against you in one session. You only have four rules today, your most basic, everyday ones. And you’ve broken three of them. You think I’m going to pleasure you when you’ve been being so disrespectful and displeasing?” I laugh derisively, “think again. This is all about me.”

And, of course, it is. Kneeling over you I turn on the wand low, press it to my apex, gently stimulating myself. I’ve been closing in on my orgasm since I messaged you this afternoon, requesting you wait for me at the foot of our bed when I got home from work.

Increasing the power of my wand as I watch your naked form, catch your eye. They’re hooded with arousal as you hold my gaze from beneath your eyelashes. With your hands secured, your submission is complete. I can feel your denied energy pulsating through your hips as I step up the power again and my first orgasm hits hard. Head thrown back, I growl at the ceiling. My second orgasm steamrollers through me, elicits a scream.

The power of my pleasure matching the power I have over you in that moment.

I take the leisurely route to my third orgasm, dropping the intensity of the vibrations before rebuilding them. It’s my turn to want friction now, and I lower myself over you. That stubby little caged cock massaging my labia, the metal bars that shroud your needy, desperate head of your dick, offering a new layer of sensation. Increasing the intensity of my wand once more I try not to lose myself to the approaching climax, though I feel my arousal flooding your cock and balls. I lean forward, rest my hand on your chest and, again, we lock eyes. The fire in yours mirroring my own, and I can’t stop the tension that is building within me.

My breath now coming in short, desperate gasps before I hit the crest once more, curling my toes and scraping your chest with my talons. Cursing you for being so goddam sexy. The intensity so strong I gush all over you, and as I’m musing that this is something else for you to clean up, I realise that the pulsation in my cunt is not just my own spasm.

Contrary to your rules, that little caged willy has spontaneously erupted with me.

As I slowly come back down to earth I suck some of our juices into my mouth before kissing you deeply, feeding your hungry tongue. “I don’t know how you did it but you’ve broken all four rules today. You need to learn some self control and I’ve got an idea how to teach you.” I release your wrists from their bindings before curling into your side, allowing you to hold me close. Drifting off, relaxed as I am, I can’t resist a sleepy taunt first “I think we need to invest in a something even smaller, even more restrictive. That’ll stop that little dick of yours having a mind of his own, and a fitting consequence for you, letting yourself cum without permission even when caged. It’ll be a struggle to fit you in, but I’m sure you’ll manage. For me…”

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    1. I definitely enjoy being on the other side of the slash occasionally, but my writing gets far more Domme-y than me. Maybe one day Miss Barefoot will enjoy having a toy of her own?

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