Topless lady at a building site

Building on my Scavenger Hunt

Topless at a building site

Do you know how many building sites I have passed by? Sad that they are full of men in workmen’s trousers and high viz, yet I’m unable to get my breasts out? Far too many… Honestly, I’ve lost count!

What I hadn’t counted on was the building works in a local park.

I pass here regularly but have somehow missed the construction site until I opened my eyes this past week.

Anyway there were few people around on this wet and murky day. So I decided this was the time. Lifting my sports bra, sorting my camera, turning to get the shot… one smiling photo for sir, another one, faceless this time, for my scavenger hunt. As the second image was captured I heard a lorry thundering past. Up the slope is a busy road! I knew the car drivers wouldn’t see me but… I hadn’t considered the lorries.

No matter though.

No sooner than I noticed this giant haulage truck, I was covered once more and he had disappeared around the bend in the road.

I’m not normally one for filters, but was playing around in my phone decided to try some out. The cartoon effect that I have chosen kind of sums up the surreal nature of this image. The fact I have completely missed the building works for… months? And then I forgot about the road that I run along at least once a week.

This week I am excited to share a post by Lil Miss Shalla.

I have been enjoying her scavenger hunt for a while now. The stories that she shares with her naughty locations are always worth poring over. Her construction site post #SinfulSunday and London Exposure shows her exposed under some scaffolding in the middle of London. Definitely my kind of mischief.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze


Sinful Sunday
If you enjoy my Scavenger Hunt and Sinful Sunday posts perhaps you’d like to invest in my caffeine intake, to keep these posts coming.


    1. In my defence, there was no warning sign saying to keep my breasts out of sight! Funny, when they are so strict about PPE! N xx

  1. Scavenger hunting is such great fun – and trying to grab just the right window to get the shot can be such a challenge. Jane xxx

    1. It’s a good reminder that people see what they want to see, that’s for sure. Maybe a lesson to be less worried about being seen? N xx

  2. Oh I know that feeling. The running joke is no ones ever around to get the work done and yet they’re always there working when you want a scavenger hunt!

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