Fused Glass Art And A Bound Bottom

Fused glass art image of my bound booty and legs, created from a photo. With black lines, and green rope lines.

With art week in full swing, it’s time to share my bottom, again! This time I’ve had a moment captured in fused glass art by Lil pixie glass. Well, after being bound in a Skorpion rope booty binder. I had heard of lil’ Pixie Glass last year, and kept meaning to ask her if she would be able to transform me but… I kept getting nervous of reaching out! Within days of contacting The Wandering Artist I found renewed confidence and pinged off a message.

Well, I have to say, she was absolutely lovely about my request. I sent some ideas over and she thought they were great but may not work. So I got my ropes out and pulled up a tutorial from Skorpion Rope. Once I was happy with my tie I took a whole load of pictures and shared in our DM thread. The image she decided to work on was gorgeous, and I decided to share one of the others on Instagram. This is when I got in trouble for “sexually suggestive content” and had my account removed!

This was frustrating, but also amusing. To my mind there was nothing sexually suggestive about the images I’d created for fused glass art designs. Self care, body positivity, appreciation of my skills… but not sexual. Of course, I’m not responsible for how others react to my content, and if they choose to see it as sexy then I’ll accept it as a compliment. And restart my Instagram with fresh vigour.

Anyway, a few weeks and a number of updates later, the postman handed my arse to me. Obviously it was all packaged up for the mail, but my fused glass, framed and beautiful, was ready to be displayed in my room. And what a beautiful addition it makes to my world!

February Photofest 2022

Fused Glass Art and A Bound Bottom is part of week four of February Photo Fest 2022, with the theme All About Art.

2022 is my third time participating in February Photo Fest. February Photo Fest 2019 was my first, with my second being February Photo Fest 2021.

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