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Barefoot bound in the shape of a Triskelion

Did you know, the Triskelion symbol is ancient!

The triskelion is an ancient symbol that has become very popular over the years. According to the Symbol sage, it dates back at least 5000 years, to the dawn of European civilisation. Rooted in religious and spiritual tradition, the triskelion is a glyph with three distinct curved arms (or bent legs) distributed evenly around a centre or axis. It is said to represent creativity, progress, and continual motion. After an accidental rope reincarnation, with 1001011, I wanted to learn a little about the symbol I recognised from our pictures.

What is the Triskelion?

The triskelion is a three-legged symbol, as seen on the flag for the Isle of Man. It is thought to represent spiritual progress in life, with each arm denoting an individual phase – past, present and future. The three legs represent growth, development, and creativity – all implying that no matter what life throws at us we can still make something of our lives. The triskelion is also a powerful visual motif associated with early Celtic religion as it was seen as a representation of their triple deity. Today the symbol can be found in many contexts including jewellery, tattoos, logos and much more.

Where did it come from?

The triskelion symbol dates back to pre-1000BC in ancient Celts and Carians. The earliest known surviving example of the symbol can be found in an 8th century ornamented slate plate from County Meath, Ireland. This symbol is also associated with the Cretan Labyrinth, where it was believed to represent the divine feminine power of fertility, as its three points echo the threefold division of earth, sky and sea. The Triskelion has been adapted in various ways throughout history and across different cultures — from Christianity to Wicca — each adapting it according to their own beliefs or traditions. In more recent times it has been adopted by the fetish community, a symbol of the energies that flow through kinksters.

What does it represent?

The triskelion is associated with many interpretations, depending on its origin. In general though, it’s believed to represent the cycle of nature, infinite movement, or direction in life. It can symbolize stability, inner strength, protection and safety. The three points of the triskelion may also symbolize the past, present and future simultaneously — allowing a person to move forward in life while looking back on what has happened. Additionally, in some cultures, the symbol is connected to spiritual guidance or divinatory powers that offer insight into the natural world.

When I first arrived on the public kink scene I was introduced to it as the unofficial symbol of a kinky lifestyle. “Yin Yang Yo” sang MsD, by way of explanation for the meaning of this symbol. Another had a large one inked on her thigh.

How is the Triskelion used today?

The triskelion symbol is still commonly used in jewellery, tattoos, and artwork as a sign of spiritual growth and renewal. It is also often included in seals, logos and flags for organizations or businesses. Modern interpretations put great emphasis on individual power. The three points stand for balance, harmony and progress — all important concepts in both ancient and modern society. Additionally, the triskelion can be seen as a representation of essential skills — such as knowledge, hard work and creativity — needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.

How was all this relevant to me, yesterday?

Post tie, last night, 1001011 and I sat looking through the pictures he’d taken. We had one long tie with many transitions, photos when it felt relevant. Scrolling through I saw this one (and a few others like it.) “Ooh, look, I’m making a Triskadillion”. I did get the name wrong, but we both knew what I meant.

Last week I shared that things are changing, it’s all going to get a bit weird. But as I go through this tortuous period of change, adjustment and growth it all feels a little hard. They say spiritual symbols present themselves when you need them. My experiences with Owls tell me this rings true for me, so when I started researching the Triskelion this morning I was surprised to see what the true meaning of the symbol represents. Looking back at the Symbol Sage I see they have included these suggestions:

  • Power, intellect and love
  • Creation, preservation and destruction
  • Spirit, mind and body

I definitely feel like any of these could be true for me currently. But perhaps these could be true of anyone, at all times. Should I hold on to the hope the symbol has given me? Or would it be wise to just ignore these thoughts and proceed gently.

Honestly, I don’t have the answers. What I do have is a body that makes funky shapes which can tell a story all of its own. The pain tripping into my shins causing me to charge up, like my favourite sex toys.

So, here’s to the Triskelion. For giving me cause to smile, artistically, spiritually and masochistically.

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  1. “Triskadillion” this made me chuckle… is that a 3 ended dinosaur?

    Your image is stunning. I love the outfit and how it really makes the shape pop within the image


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