Self Tie Tuesday: Returning To The Fold

Combining self tie tuesday prompt, the product review and writing a post in one quick tie-wank.

Are you tired of relying on the same old ties? Stuck for ideas on how you can take your ropework to the next level? As it happens, I may have just the solution for you – Self Tie Tuesday! The king of tie me up memes, this weekly link up for rope sluts provides not just inspiration for getting ropey. It is also a safe space for sharing, and where you will generally find supportive folks further along their learning journey, with respectful advice on how you can improve your rope skills.

Self Tie Tuesday, what is that?

Joining Fetlife was a mind-blowing experience. I found, in that online space, all of the things I thought I’d laid to rest when I married. So many people doing the things that past me had loved. And so many new things that I imagined trying in the future, being shown off by amazing folks. Much of this was in the form of either marked flesh or rope. At the time I was only just starting down the rabbit hole of rope sluttery, but developing friendships saw me take the leap into tying myself. I even joined a group on Fet which might help me tumble down the hole quicker.

Initially, upon joining the Self Tie Tuesday group I did what all self-loathing newbies might do. I lurked. Each week I’d wade through the posts, sprinkle the love and smear on the comments. There is a different prompt for every Tuesday, and each week I’d tie along, notice that my rope was starting to come along quite nicely. Sharing my first self tie to the group was hugely empowering. While I was doing it for myself, the growth that comes from stretching myself past the edges of comfort, and to gain constructive feedback, I also glowed from the compliments.

Angel had been right when she told me that the group was supportive and friendly. And over the weeks and months that followed I grew in confidence in my ability to tie. Branched out to tying friends, attended events, even shared a little of what I’d learnt in the realms of sadistic rope in a workshop setting.

Developing a rope style…

At some point I stopped sharing my images for self-tie Tuesday. Stopped following the prompts. Interest went elsewhere, due to the toxic nature of Fetlife and my local kinky “community” there was no anchor for me to stay active on there. My focus shifted to nurturing real world friendships, this blog, the sex blogging community…

I found that there were other Tie Me Up memes, away from Fet. Tie Me Up Tuesday was the brainchild of Slave Mila, in a similar vein to Self Tie Tuesday there was a weekly prompt, a place to link up and a supportive community around the posts. This was different though, in that it wasn’t necessary for you to tie within a window of time, nor was it specifically for Self Tie enthusiasts. (Though some participants did stretch themselves to learn this side of things. LOVE!!) What a wonderful space to develop my rope style further, it was a sad (if understandable) day for me when Mila ended the link up.

Not that sad though. Around the time of the ending I started to tie with 1001011. Through our adventures in rope I have learnt so much about where my joy of ropes is truly ignited. Remember the post “This Tie Is Not Over“? If I could explain how I come alive in pictures this post, and the series of ties, probably explains more than my any of my brain-dump writing ever could. Fluidity and motion, mild confusion and disorientation, stretch and constrict…

I’ve learnt that not only do I like to be tied in this way, and to live in this way, but I also like to tie my friends like that. Rope is a conversation, and a deeply intense one it is too. Even when I’m dicking around or being playfully mean.

Where did I find myself this morning?

Well, as it’s Tuesday I doubt you’ll be surprised, given the title of this post. A cup of tea gave me the opportunity to sit and scroll through Fet, where I’ve recently taken up residency again after about three years in hiding. The prompt for today is Sports and, though I’m currently not as active as I would like, I do still enjoy a hefty dose of sporty goodness. Such as Yoga, which helps me to join in a wider conversation in rope with 1001011!

The problem I had today was too many ideas for things to do and not enough focus, or time, to go round. So, having struggled with writing about STT for what felt like hours, and wanting to take a picture for the prompt it’s fair to say I got a bit stuck. THEN I got distracted by shamefully indecent thoughts, which reminded me I have toys to test.

Not one to back out of my responsibilities I finally decided to attack all three of my plans in one go. Knocking the writing on the head for a while, I disappeared upstairs. Quickly tying myself into reclining hero pose using familiar Futomomos. You’ve seen me in a similar bound pose before, but never as a self tie. With throbbing thighs I checked out the efficiency of the toy du’jour.

Perhaps a little too efficient…

But more on that when the review goes live.

The thing I love about Self Tie Tuesday is that it prompts me to try new things.

Today I gave a slightly different way of tying a Futo a shot. Not sure a knee-down option is much better than an ankle up one, but the proof will be in the flying. It wouldn’t matter if I cocked it up (within reason) as STT is a space where people go to share what they are learning. Not to show off how they are so amazing and better than everybody that ever threw rope.

And so I find I’ve come full circle with my rope. But I haven’t learnt it all. I’m just ready to set out on the next lap. And unlike an endurance multi-lap running event, where I start each new turn with a grimace, this time I’m excited to expand on things I learnt on the first loop.

And maybe spend more time combining my… stimulating distractions… in satisfying ways. It seemed to bring some much needed focus this afternoon.

Sitting here, writing, post rope and reviewing, I’ve hit all three goals for this afternoon. While my pussy purrs, and my rope kisses linger, I can wholeheartedly say that this turned into an Mmm afternoon, so I’m linking up to Mmm Mondays Meme. (Yes I know, I’m a day late for the Monday part but time is just a social construct, right?)

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