Bound Thunderbolt: Extreme Yoga?

lady in Supine thunderbolt, bound over bamboo with crotch and waist rope. She is wearing red tights and black vest.

I found myself back in the company of 1001101 recently and we had a lot of fun trying out unfamiliar ties. Then he pulled his phone out and showed me an image he fancied recreating, if I felt it would be possible to get into the position. Well… as luck would have it, the position was supta vajrasana (or supine thunderbolt) one of my favourite yoga poses. Only, I would be folded over a bamboo pole and my backbend would be assisted with a waist and crotch rope. What kind of self-confessed rope slut come yoga fan would turn down such an opportunity??? so, back to bound thunderbolt…

My kind of extreme yoga!

Perfectionist that he is 1001011 wasn’t happy with the rope work around the bamboo, unavoidable with the amount of rope he needed to burn. But I couldn’t see it, so it didn’t worry me. I only revelled in the stretching of my hip flexors and the freedom of my backbend. Not to mention the pull of my hair and the pressure of the crotch rope.

Sheer bliss.

Of course, I’d initially suggested he may need to go gentle with me. But my vest inspired the kind of kindness that a masochist needs when she’s recovering her health. To experience challenging positions and stretch herself physically. On this occasion I could only be stretched within my comfort zone. We’ve tied together a few times now and he is learning my responses. Which means that as I’m communicating that I need to come out of a posture he’s already on his way. What a happy bunny I am!

Sinful Sunday

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    1. I’m not entirely sure, maybe ten minutes. There were attempts at hitting pressure points which extended the posture… it was fun but time passes in peculiar ways when rope is involved!

  1. Wonderful image! Although my back aches just looking at it! lol. There was a time that positions like this gave me sensational tingles. Now those tingles are the warnings of numbness! BAHAHA! Years of nursing and my back is no longer what it used to be (god, it sucks getting old!)
    I would totally give up a day of walking to experience this, though. Once a masochist, always….

    1. I think there would be better (and more ethical) ways to tickle the masochist than rendering you incapable of walking for a day! I wonder if there are ways we could facilitate this over the water? (Apologies: New year, new ballsy Barefoot!) I’m scratching my head though… old? I think we are about the same? Thinking about Stiffler’s mom…

      1. I think that we are the same age. I’ll be 40 in April (sorry if 40 is not creeping closer for you yet…). My back thinks I am much older tahn that though. I stay active but I’m afraid I’m doomed in the back department.

  2. In thumbnail my old eyes thought I was seeing a pair of boxing gloves.

    Oh my what a beautiful surprise to see such a pose and tie! Nicely done you two!

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