Mind Numbing Orgasms With The OG Pro 2?

Mind numbing orgasms included in the packaging for the OG Pro 2, along with the remote control, charging cable, stickers, toy and bag.
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Mind numbing orgasms, that’s how the Tracy’s Dog website describes the pleasure delivered by the OG Pro 2 clitoral sucking vibrator. I have to admit I was sceptical of the myriad claims of ultimate pleasure on the listing, but… I like to be open minded. As a sex toy lover I’ve tried (and failed) to orgasm with suction technology time and again. But, with the team at Tracy’s Dog sending me their key product for review I thought I’d try this type of toy again.

This description of ‘mind numbing orgasms’ didn’t fill me with confidence.

In my world “mind numbing” means deathly dull. I couldn’t understand why the site would use this pair of words to tell the world how great their product is…

I’d never had an orgasm through suction technology, in spite of enthusiastic attempts to make my climax a reality. There were lots of products to try. I must have spent a small fortune testing out the different offerings before deciding this tech wasn’t for me. Receiving oral isn’t something that I’m bothered about receiving, I generally find it lacking. And so, it seemed, I also found toys with this style of stimulation to be not something worth my time. Or money. They felt pleasant enough but ‘nice’ isn’t going to get me off.

Back in March I was sent a slightly different suction toy.

The Sohimi Alfa had a thrusting insertible vibrator and a little licking nub inside the clitoris cup. The orgasms I achieved with this pleasure product were a massive surprise. Anyway, over the year I’ve tested more licking toys- with the little nub in the cup. The internal stimulation along with the teeny-weeny tongue lapping at my engorged bud causing new levels of intensity to rack my body.

When Tracy’s Dog got in touch and offered to send out a couple of their most popular products I waited anxiously for the post. The site showcased a large number of vibrators, bullets, masturbators… But in amongst the offerings were lots of suction vibrators, and they appeared to be so popular that these seemed most likely to appear in my postbox.. So I planned for every eventuality and penned a list of clitoris owning lovelies who may be more suited to testing the climax-ability.

That’s how I came to have the OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator in my possession.

There is something quite decadent about the packaging. Heavy cardboard, matt black with an embossed logo in silver. Opening the box I found stickers, a charging cable, instructions, the remote control, a toy bag. And nestling in the protective padding, a purple clitoris and g-spot stimulating sex toy.

Hopping over to the website I wanted to learn more about this piece of kit. If you’re not a fan of purple toys, this one also comes in Rose and Tiffany Blue. Then again, if what customers are saying is true, the colour probably won’t matter at all! The OG Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator has glowing reviews. 216 out of 237 reviews on the website had a five star rating. This one in particular caught my eye:

“It’s like a narcotic for your lady parts, and you will be addicted in ways you never knew possible.


Sophia speaks my language, and while my hot spots may differ wildly to hers I was excited to see what the fuss was about.

I really want to take you through all of the dimensions and functions, but in all honesty Tracy’s Dog has such an informative Q&A section, that I’d be doing you a disservice to try and write it all here, especially when there is so much more to say! Do go and have a look at the product page for a full run down of what you can expect.

In short it is silicon sex toy with dual stimulation. It is slightly bigger than a handful, but not big and weighty. There is a suction cup at one end, for gentle clit, nipple and anal stimulation. The toy bends in the middle and a second arm is an insertable vibrator with stimulating ridges on the inside face.

Mind numbing orgasms provided from the g-spot stimulating, vibrating ridges, and the suction mouth. All easily controlled by two buttons.

My first experience of the OG Pro 2.

It takes about two hours to fully charge, and there’s no mistaking you’ve the correct USB charging cable. The Tracy’s Dog logo is marked into the covering of the adapter. I set about gathering a towel, a warm drink and some water-based lube while I waited for the charging light to stop flashing.

charging the OG pro 2 is simple. Insert the USB cable into the port.

With everything ready I began my experiments. With approximately fifty minutes of use I should be able to get a clear picture of this toy and it’s effects on me before the battery runs out.

It took me over thirty minutes. There had been a slow build and lots of losing the right spot. At points I was reminded of the “nice” feelings that happen with air-tech, but “nice” is frustrating. Using the buttons on the clit stim end I worked through the patterns and intensities for both vibrator and suction. Using my hands I carefully positioned and repositioned the toy. Occasionally the button pressing jogged the head from the sweet spot, and that caused me to grumble, but otherwise a pleasant build up. Especially with the mouth being so soft and supple against the sensitive flesh. Finally my body broke all of its rules and released me from my torment. My inability to orgasm from suction technology becoming a thing of the past.

The soft and stretchy mouth allows for comfort and mind numbing orgasms
I’m not entirely sure how I managed to turn the toy off.

The buttons require a firm hand, and my body had turned into barely set jelly. Quietly discarded I rested back on my sofa, legs akimbo, mouth agape, breathing ragged. Fifteen, twenty, maybe even twenty five minutes. In my post-orgasmic fog, I could do nothing but gaze, slack jawed, as I tried (and failed) to focus on the white paint or the mauve splodge where I missed the corner as I decorated last year. I slowly came back to my senses. Finally I landed, peeled myself off of my sofa and wobbled my way to bed, drunk on the endorphins of a high quality self-fuck. Dare I say it, the claims of mind numbing orgasms seemed true.

How about a repeat performance?

It took me a while to recharge myself, after that, so thorough had my satisfaction been. With the complaint of my button pressing causing movement I decided to try the remote control for its next outing.

The remote control is battery powered, so rather than a two hour charge, all you need do is remove a little plastic tag and it’s good to go. Like the body, this has two buttons. Press and hold the buttons on the body for three seconds to wake up the different motors, then the remote will allow you to work through all of the different pleasure patterns.

I found these buttons easy to use, and was soon able to work through them. There is one suction pattern that stands out, it feels like a little vortex inside the cup, turning and releasing my swollen clit. And the vibrations in the shaft felt good too. With the initial outing four days behind me, and no play in the interim, I was surprised to find twenty minutes had passed with no hint of reaching orgasm. This time my patience was tested.

It’s well documented that I appear to have a long vagina-to-clitoris distance.

The firmness of the bend in the shaft meant that any time I twitched internally the cup would move away from the pleasure zone. Unlike the first outing, where two hands had been firmly holding this in place, I was now only using one hand. As a result my hand was aching and my mind was drifting from the job in hand. Without the pinpoint focus I just couldn’t get there.

Regaining full control with two hands, and focusing my attention to the sensations I was receiving, both internally and externally, I could feel it building. This orgasm took me over forty seven minutes. No, I’m not generally one for timing my orgasms, though it has been known. SWL messaged me shortly after I’d settled in for the evening. hat was how many minutes it had been when I glanced down at my phone to check, moments before laying back to re-inspect my ceiling. Again!

While that may seem like a long time for an orgasm to erupt, it’s important to remember that… my body doesn’t generally react with any interest to suction toys, unless they have a licking tongue in the cup.

Were they mind numbing orgasms? Did they erase all stress? Can they solve world peace? I have no idea on the last one but I think its an affirmative for the first two. There was no longer room for the inner critic to spin her yarns. She was well and truly sedated.

Getting the most out of the OG Pro 2.

You know me by now, I like to enjoy toys in multiple ways, get the most value from a toy.

I followed the instructions on the site and found the vibrating arm works well externally. Teasing my clit and vulva worked for me, but I imagine it would warm up any sensitive areas quite nicely. Or cause tremors through welt-marked buttocks. The arm is flexible enough not to leave your arm sore from holding it open. The ridged shaft felt incredible as I ground against it, enough friction to stimulate but not so much it hurts.

I also used it with just the sucking head on my clitoris. I must admit that I found it incredibly difficult to get it sitting in the right spot. Bending the arm out all the way required a strong grip, but even then it wouldn’t sit right.

I’ve had ideas for future play too…

As a fan of DVP I wonder how this would feel sandwiched between myself and a cock wielding lover. Unlike previous stimulators of this kind of shape, it has a stable grip. As such I don’t think it would slide out easily due to the ridges. And with a firm hand around the clitoral cup, keeping it fixed to the right spot, I think this would be divine.

I don’t have one of my own, but I’d love to try this on a penis at some point. I wonder if having the suction work on the glans might ramp up excitement, especially with the vibrating shaft pinned down the opposite side of the length. If you have the opportunity to try this please do let me know how you get on!

Cleaning up afterwards.

Before sliding the OG Pro 2 into its purple Tracys Dog bag, it needed a clean. Using warm soapy water with a soft cloth is important. The ridges on the shaft collect vaginal fluids, as does the lettering around the charging port, embossed as it is into the soft silicone. Once the nooks and crannies are clean, give it a thorough misting with some toy cleaner. Once it was dry I slid it into the bag and popped it away.

Final thoughts on the OG Pro 2, and it’s mind numbing orgasms claim.

I’ve been trying to write this review for some time now. This is the third attempt, and I think I’ve finally got an accurate portrayal of my experiences. I could only think of the time it took to reach orgasm, the sore hand, the amount of focus required. But really, none of that matters for now. The level of satisfaction, quietness and calm that follows an orgasm with the OG Pro 2 is quite surprising.

The website and reviews suggest an intense orgasm in minutes is almost a given.

This isn’t my experience but I DID reach orgasm with suction technology for the first time in… years of trying. This is noteworthy in itself. Thinking about the ‘problem’ of time taken to climax I often set aside an hour or so to play with myself. I have gotten so used to rushing through many, many orgasms, reducing the output to one mind numbing crescendo of pleasure is a nice change of pace on occasion.

What about my hand hurting?

If I had issues with dexterity or mobility the pressure needed to hold this sex toy in place may be a problem. However, I read, in the reviews, that people enjoyed the OG Pro 2 for a no hands orgasm, so this may be a problem specifically to do with my anatomy, but it also might not be.

And the focus required?

Well, that’s no problem really. One mindful and intense orgasm satisfies me just as well as a dozen mindless ones. And while I may get frustrated at the time taken to build, that’s only because I’m greedy for sensation. Immediate gratification. There are plenty of lessons in patience that I can learn here.

Personally, I don’t think these three mild grumbles are enough to stop me using the OG Pro 2 on a regular basis. It’s nice to take time over pleasure, and with my end result being aligned with the best reviews on the website I definitely can’t complain.

Would you like to add the OG Pro 2 to your toybox? You can find it over at Tracy’s Dog for $59.99. (Price correct at time of publishing.) Using the code BAREFOOT10% discounts any purchase from across the store.

OG pro 2 in tiffany blue


  1. Your reviews are always beneficial.
    This review left me with questions regarding how some people perform cunnilingus?
    You are not alone in anatomy where the distance between clit and gspot is long.
    My Kitten has had the same problem with toys that are supposed to stimulate both. She has yet to find one that delivers. The OG2 reads like it might.
    Your description of toys that combined sucking and licking in clitoral stimulation led me to question how most performers apply technique.
    I use a combination of sucking and licking the clit with digital stimulation of the gspot. Do others do the same or do they just lick or suck but don’t combine?
    You also talked about the length of time of takes to reach climax. That too is shared by Kitten. It is not uncommon for me to spend 20+ minutes of oral to help her achieve peak. Patience may be where her other lovers have failed.
    This aid sounds like just what my Kitten needs when she is looking for solo release. Thank you for your insightful review.

  2. The 17 minutes zero-to-big-O is pretty typical of my doxy.

    Oral has never been something that does it for me. Regardless of technique.

    I’ve had two in the last eight years, both were tasks, both half a LOT of edging in the week before my meet to ensure I achieved it.

    For me the technique takes me from zero stimulation to an occasional ‘ummm… That’s nice…?’.

    Kitten and I aren’t alone in not being particularly responsive to oral. The more open I am about my pleasure needs the more friends come out with stories. Many share how they feel inadequate because they’re not as responsive to oral as they feel they should be. It’s good to be different, it’s why there is such a broad range of pleasure products out there for us to try.

    I’m glad you enjoy my reviews. Did you read this one? https://aleapoffaith.uk/2022/09/post-orgasm-rigor-mortis/ It required far less focus on the task in hand. Depending on how kitten likes to build her pleasure.

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