Great expectations for the double joy partner vibrator: Main view

Great Expectations For Double The Joy

Great expectations for the double joy partner vibrator: main view

When Satisfyer sent me a new vibrator to trial, in exchange for a fair and honest review I was excited to get going. As always when trying a new piece of kit I had great expectations for the Double Joy partner vibrator. A new toy, plus the perfect excuse to see a playmate. There was one problem though. Without a live in lover, and with Covid restrictions in place, testing this toy would take time and planning. It turned out to be a long, drawn-out process.

Opening the box I could see the deep purple toy nestled in its box.

The sensual artwork on the packaging left me under no illusions. This was going to bring double the joy to my intimate moments!

Reading the enclosed leaflet I noted that a two hour charge would provide one hour of play. This was exciting, not just because it would give me and [insert name of as-yet-unknown test subject here] an hour of play. It also told me I wouldn’t have to wait too long to get my rocks off.

Like I said… Great expectations for the double joy!

Charging was straightforward, using the magnetic cable which came with the toy and my USB plug. Once the charging light had stopped flashing I took some time to familiarise myself with the controls. I’m a technophobe, and so was nervous about using the app. I wanted to trial this one using the buttons on the toy, to make sure I enjoyed the functions before I was overtaken by the distress of working out the programming.

To start the vibrations is straightforward, all that you need to do is press and hold the + button for three seconds. (To switch it off you do the same in reverse, easy!!) Gently gripping the vibrating U-shaped toy in my hands it was easy to work through the pre-set patterns. Impressed with the sensations my hand enjoyed I set it down on the sofa next to me. I’d neglected to switch it off, and the powerful vibrations soon had it dancing off the sofa, on the lowest setting!

This was the moment I decided that I may have found a new favourite toy. If the vibrations worked on my body the same way they did on the sofa and in my hand, well…

I was excited to see how I would react!

The silicon used for the body is firm, with just a little give when squeezed between my fingers. The wrap-around bend in the centre of the body is flexible though, and can easily be stretched out straight with my fore and pinkie fingers.

As with all Satisfyer toys that I have tested, the silicon is ever so slightly draggy. This is something that I find pleasurable as I’m not a fan of squeaky or rough silicon. However, I do take care to use water-based lube as appropriate. Given this was my first time going in I wanted to give it the best chance at pleasing me.

The internal arm is wider than other couples vibrators I’ve used in the past.

The width is 26mm along the 70mm insertible length. The external length is 75mm, but the clitoral stimulation nub is 40mm from the bend. In my seated position the Double Joy slid out a little. This meant that the internal vibrations were lost as there was no pressure on the g-spot. This did have the benefit of my clitoral hood being attacked by the rumbly external vibrations. I needed to use my hand to keep it in place, so that I could ride that wave of pleasure. But this was a good sign. Surely sharing this with a penis wielding lover would anchor it in place and bring double joy to the bedroom?

I finally managed to get my hands on just such a person.

He graciously volunteered to be my guinea pig, and it was with great enthusiasm that we got to work! I wanted to be able to tell you his reactions to the double joy, as well as my own. However, things didn’t go as I had imagined.

We decided to begin in missionary position. We applied the water based lube to each other, and once I’d pressed the + button for three seconds we slid it into place. The anticipation was almost too much to bear, the pair of us grinning from ear to ear. Both excited.

He slid in alongside the vibrating toy, and gently rocked his pelvis into mine.

A long, slow, languorous fuck was in store. Just the way we like to play. As he pinned me down with his body and rocked against me it felt soooo….


Off it went.

A little awkward laugh rippled between us as I reached down and pressed the + button again. He pressed into me once more, and as we rocked together the vibrations just stopped again.

He withdrew and flipped me over.

“Perhaps this position will be better? We won’t be crushing the button if I fuck you from behind.”

All in the name of research, obviously!

I glanced back over my shoulder and shot a lascivious grin in his direction. Reaching between my legs I turned it on again, and he nudged his way past my fingers. There was air between him and the power button.

This was going to be great!!


…came the mutual groans as he buried himself inside of me. Yup, this would work…

But as he started to withdraw the pressure on my clit reduced and out popped the toy. His cock had hooked it out of my vagina. The frustration by this point was building, and as I pushed my vibrating nemesis back into position I promised myself that this would be the moment when everything would come together. Including the pair of us.

Unfortunately I was wrong. His next exit left the toy on the bed once more. I was very cross by this point. I love fucking, but it is an extremely rare treat at the moment, and this… Well. I was fed up! I tossed it out of my bedroom door in a paddy. As the vibrations were still going I had to get up and switch it off, but I’m pleased to report that it stood up to the abuse.

No damage whatsoever!

Later on, over a cup of tea, I asked what he thought. He couldn’t give me an honest, toy-related response I’m afraid. We wondered if his size and the lack of room in there would have contributed to it’s inability to stay put. Perhaps. But as someone who enjoys generously proportioned insertions I would rather have a big cock than a narrower one with space for the double joy.

With that experiment not going to plan I decided it was time to trial the app. Perhaps, if the app would control the power then I could try it out with a willing partner once more. Get a more rounded picture. So I was very brave and got my phone out.

The app is so easy to use.

A standard download from the App Store or Google Play, and a simple process to build an account. Depending on your internet speed, this can be done while you boil the kettle for your cup of tea. The instructions to link up to the toy are straightforward, and once your device has been synced you can get stuck in. When it is switched on you can manage the intensity of the vibrations using the touch screen, easily switch between programmes and easily make your own.. The screen is split into two, and the inner and outer vibrations are managed separately.

Using the app to control the device, there are various different options. You can add playlists so that the music dictates the vibrations. These can be easily uploaded from files in your device or from the internet Using your Satisfyer app nicknames it is possible to link up with partners remotely. Designing your own vibration patterns is also an option. It is a simple app to use, even for those less technically minded, like myself.

Back to the Double Joy…

With the control now being fully in the palm of my hand, rather than between my legs, I got ready once more. Just as the first time I had tested it out, the external vibrations were indeed a joy. But as I rocked back and forth on it- to get the vibrations working my G-spot- I realised that stimulation was dwindling on my clitoris. I believe this is likely an anatomical disagreement. I have voluptuous labia you see, and 43mm across the widest part of the flat external vibrating arm meant there just wasn’t enough room for it between my lips. This resulted in an angling to the side, and the power was going into the puffy flesh off to my left. We had just started getting along again, so I used my fingers to press it into place again. And just like playtime with my friend the vibrations stopped.

It had switched off… again.

Now, this was my fault. My fingers pressed the button! But why wasn’t the app in charge of the power? I was confused so pressed on. Or more accurately, I tried not to PRESS on anymore.

So when I tried again, pressing different areas of the toy, the vibrations were in the wrong spot.  And when I managed to get the right position what happened? You guessed it. Power down.

This was really disappointing for me as I genuinely believed it was all sorted through the app!

Do you recall my great expectations for the double joy?

Were these met? Let’s have a recap.

Let me start with the positive outcomes.

I really love the slight drag that Satisfyer silicon has, and the colour makes a nice addition to my collection. It is easy to clean and quick to charge. The hour of power following a full charge is a decent play time.

The Satisfyer app is really straightforward to use and functional, while also being attractive to look at. The external vibrations are pretty intense considering the size of the head. And when it is held in position the combination of internal and external vibrations have the power to get me off. This is no mean feat in itself.

But what about the negatives?

To my mind- or perhaps body- the power button is in precisely the wrong place. As described above it switches off with pressure from both slow thrusting in missionary position and being moved into position. Perhaps if the button could be tweaked, so the + and – switched ends, this would improve usability? The shape didn’t work for my body particularly well either. This meant I had to regularly put it back into position as it is too wide and flat to nestle between my labia. Also, without a strong grip on my body it is was pulled out with each withdrawal of his cock, which is less than ideal for a person like me who doesn’t often get the opportunity to play with others.

My takeaway from this toy is that it has plenty of positives, which outnumber the negatives. But, importantly, the down sides outweigh the longer list of good points. The vibrations were great, when they stayed on and in position, so it is quite possible that this one just didn’t work for me on an anatomical level.

Saying all of this, the app is brilliant. I am very much looking forward to seeing what other toys may work with that. Perhaps teaming up with someone to control the next toys remotely.

The Double Joy partner vibrator was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.
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