Two ROMP products, the flex and the hype

Romping with Hype and Flex

Two ROMP products, the flex and the hype
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A little while ago I got an email telling me all about Romp. A new addition to the international LoveHoney group. Naturally I headed over to the website, I always love to have a look at new toy options and when it comes to new companies then I’m even more excited. And that’s how I came to be ROMPing with the Hype and the Flex.

Who are ROMP?

Immediately the link opened I was greeted with a riot of colour. Not just the products, as I’d seen in the email, but the site as well. The brand is all about inclusivity, and the usual pink and purple had been livened up and joined by orange, blue, turquoise… Lovely! They want customers to find what works for them, without obstacles such as finances, age, gender or ethnicity getting in the way.

We make sex toys for everyone. We want to help you find out what makes you tick because – if we’ve done the math right curiosity + confidence = sexual bliss. Our toys are made with a crazy kind of love: fun, fresh and designed for pleasure. Add color to your sex life with ROMP!


At that point they had nine items listed in their store, and news of further products in the pipeline. There were insertable vibrators, dual stimulation sex toys and clit suckers. I noted that all were at the more affordable end of the cost spectrum. This made them even more attractive to me.

I expressed an interest in reviewing for them and the team sent me out two of their products. The Flip, a small, rechargeable wand. And The Hype, a G-Spot vibrator. Before I tell you about the toys I received, let me share the little details that brought a smile to my face before I’d even charged them!

It’s all in the detail.

As I mentioned previously, the ROMP range is saturated in bold, bright colours, but it’s not just the toys. The packaging is beautifully vibrant too, matching the contents of the boxes. Inside, along with the product, charging cable and instructions, comes a sheet of stickers. Evidently, they aim to bring fun to sexual adventures!

The instruction leaflet is actually a folded sheet of paper. One side is covered in information in a wide variety of languages, as you’d expect from an international company. The other swings right back round to the playful aspect of the brand- it is a colouring in sheet. At least, that’s how I see it! What do you think?

ROMP instructions for both Hype and Flex feature a colouring in sheet on one side.

ROMP also want to hear your feedback. The little yellow leaflet that slid out of the parcel asks whether you’re happy or not, then gives you next steps depending on your answer. If yes, you can spread the word, leave a review or find them on social media. And if not then get in touch and the support team will try to help put a smile on your face.

happy or not happy, a little leaflet comes with both toys the flex and the hype.

Both toys are IPX7 rated, so completely submersible. This makes for more variety in the play situations, opening up the bath, shower and even the ocean for play times. It also makes the toys easier to clean, personally I like to soak in a sink of warm water and wash thoroughly with an anti-bac soap.

All that is left is to pop them on charge (a full charge can take three hours.) Grab a cup of tea, and then some water-based lubricant, and get testing!

The ROMP Flip

Romp Flip: Royal blue wand with packaging.

If, like me, your school uniform included a royal blue jumper, then you could be forgiven for hesitating about purchasing the flex, the first sex toy I’ve seen in this colour. However, even with my negative associations, this silicon toy, with the yellow rings around the detailing, has made royal blue look infinitely more appealing!

Charging the flex is easy, insert the USB charger into the hole at the rear of the toy, and away you go. Wait for the light to stop flashing and the battery is full, this will give you a two-hour run time on its highest setting.

charging the hype

To start the wand vibrator, you hold the power button for two seconds. (It’s the same action to stop it too.) The second button is for cycling through the six intensities and four patterns. I often find the leap between intensity levels can be quite big, so to have a gentler ascent to the most powerful vibrations was a pleasure in itself.

The head provides mellow, melty vibrations which gently ease you into pleasure. They are more of a buzz than a rumble. If your body needs deep, rumbly sensations to climax the Flex may not work for you as a stand-alone clitoral vibrator. This being the case with me I set about finding alternate pleasure points.

For me this meant delving deep…

While you could easily use the handle as a dildo, it is mostly vibration free- great news for people who have arthritic hands, or other issues with their grip.

But all is not lost! Do you see the size of the head? Well, it gave me an idea, one that married up with the waterproof rating of IPX7. Well, the widest part of the head (and handle) measures 45mm across (141mm in circumference.) I wondered how it would feel inside, massaging the internal workings of my clitoris rather than just the hood. This was an absolute game changer for me, fucking myself with it I triggered my gush spot and almost* had an incredibly powerful orgasm. (*I only had permission to edge myself at this point. The language that poured out of my mouth at the denial stage was as blue as the massager!)

When paired up with some rumbly external vibrations, I found the patterns of this little wand came into their own. The first pattern, a swift on-off style vibration, throws the bursts of buzz into my muscles and, as I grip tighter, they change to an intermittent internal rumble.

So, the Flex adds interest and variety beyond the obvious use. What’s next?

The ROMP Hype.

Romp Hype on display with the packaging

I was greeted with the same fun contents when removing the Hype from its box. My camera doesn’t quite show the colour as it is, the rich orange instead being turned to lipstick red.

Unlike the Flex, the charging port was at the base of the toy. It’s still on the reverse side of the toy to the power buttons, as was the Flex, and again a full charge would give sixty minutes of power on the highest setting. To operate the Hype uses the same techniques as the Flex. Press the power button for two seconds to turn it on (and off) then scroll through the intensities and patterns using the second button.

Charging the hype

Running my hands along the shaft I delighted in the feel of those ridges.

They are created with firm silicone and didn’t disappoint my fingers when I pressed firmly into them. And once fully charged I started to play with the patterns. Again, there are six intensities and four patterns. Where the flex had melty vibes, the Hype pummels and drives the sensation into whichever body part it’s close to. On initial testing my hand was sent to heaven! Now it was my turn to do the sums.

Ridges + powerful vibrations = gushing orgasms?

I certainly hoped I was right! Of course, initially I was edging so the orgasms would have to wait.

The full length of the Hype is 210mm, and the ridges sit in the top half of that. The widest part of the Hype is 55mm across, 172mm around. This happens to be where the ridges are most pronounced. For my anatomy these are in EXACTLY the right spot, and the ridges are firm enough to stimulate my G spot, but not so hard that they make it ache.

Was I really ROMPing with the Hype and the Flex?

I definitely felt that these two sex toys deserved their own reviews. Each is marvellous in its own way, and I thoroughly enjoyed using them on their own. But where I came undone was when I used them together. It’s no secret that I enjoy dual stimulation, and so putting these two together and exploring their efficacy as I play in tandem seemed like a fabulous idea.

With the ridges of the Hype buried deep inside, thrumming my aching walls with each thrust, I was shuddering. Those strong vibrations hit home in ways that I hadn’t expected with the Flex and its mellow ways. As for the Flex… I circled my engorged clit with the golf ball sized head. Building gently- swirling, teasing and delighting. Now, with freedom to orgasm, I convulsed with pleasure. ROMPing with these two sex toys was the ideal way to enjoy a threesome solo.

What are my final thoughts on ROMP, the Flex and the Hype?

I’m really excited by ROMP. The brand feels fresh, bold and exciting, yet it is budget friendly across the range. They have recently launched a further seven products to add to their range, these include two penis toys. The language used across the site is inclusive and jargon free.

And then we come to the products themselves. The packaging is exciting, for me- I love bright colours and bold designs. And the two toys I have been testing are gorgeous. They appear well made, high quality and simple to use. For my own toybox, I would include the Flex as a secondary toy, one that I would be unlikely to use on its own but that works together with another toy to amplify the pleasure. The Hype, however, is a triumph for me. The stiff shaft, firm ridges and hefty vibrations make short work of my internal goings on. A quick G spot orgasm toy if ever I found one.

The star of the show, for me, is definitely the brand itself. It has been such a pleasure to explore their offerings, both through their website as well as in the privacy of my own home. I have been admiring the new lines in their shop and may have started wondering what Father Christmas might like to bring for me.

ROMP New Toys

Have you enjoyed my ROMPing With Hype and Flex? If so, do go and check out the website. Both products are exclusively available from ROMP. At the time of publishing (21st November 2022) there is a site wide Black Friday discount of 20%. This means the Flex is £31.99 and the Hype is £27.99.

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