An Enclosure Hood Makes Everything Feel sexy

brushing the ponytail of the latex enclosure hood while encased in the rubber.

A few weeks ago I shared the story of Dr Lovelace To The Rescue. She paid a visit for wax play and I accidentally ventured into breath play when I tried my first Gas Mask on. I told you in that post that the enclosure hood was possibly my favourite ever latex hood. As I’ve been writing more of the story of Summer 2018, I keep coming back to the pictures and decided I wanted to share this one for Sinful Sunday this week.

It’s just so wonderfully weird!

It’s another aspect of the versatile enclosure hood that I love so much. While the last one showed my framed eyes and mouth this image has a very different feel. As each section was enclosed each of the senses was restricted in turn, first my sight, then my smell and taste. This time I’m encased in rubber (much the same as I become encased in wax later that evening). While I couldn’t see anything, nor could I hear very much, I could feel everything with more clarity. Especially the tickling of hairs on my naked arm, as I brushed the ponytail ever so gently.

I can’t call myself a Latex Fetishist, but I am a strong appreciator of the way that the rubber sensitizes my skin. It’s a static charge that spreads through me from latex clad to naked areas. Deliciousness personified and intensified with each step towards full enclosure where this hood is concerned.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I feel this so deeply, whilst I can’t do latex, I fall very deeply when I’m in my leather hood. Held in my subby place, sensations and feelings heightened.

  2. This looks amazing on you and your words really bring the experience to life. Having something covering my mouth and nose is a big no for me though, just sets off a fight response in my body that does not feel good


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