Breasts exposed in a locker room.

Locker Room: A Matter Of Timing!

Breasts exposed in a locker room.

My scavenger hunt location this week is the locker room. I’ve mostly been dry-side when I’ve taken pictures like this recently, but they are all grinning pictures for Sir. This one has a story

What kind of person enters a triathlon with zero tri-specific training, a dodgy shoulder, and no roadworthy bike?

It seems that I’m that kind of person. Who knew? And with just three days to prepare, from seeing the event to participating, I barely had time to rectify the situation.

Fortunately, Bunny was on hand with the loan of a bike, which I picked up the day before. My legs can plod around for miles, so I could rest easy enough there. (Oh, how misplaced that optimism was.) All that was left was to discover my 100m swim time. This one-armed bandit took herself to the pool to see how bad it would be. Fortunately, my good arm is powerful, and my bad arm makes an awesome rudder, so things weren’t as impossible as I had imagined.

To share and celebrate my potential race time I took this picture in the locker room.

It was busy for a late morning swim. There were people in the other bays, and the showers were in use. As I slid my phone back into my bag and pulled on my top, a woman joined me in the bay. Talk about good timing!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my Locker Room misadventures. If you’d like to take a look at a past adventure, where I’ve been woefully underprepared for an event, check out Down The Pan. Or go to my Scavenger Hunt Archives for more.


    1. I spent the first half of the run feeling like I’d pass out, and the second half swearing at myself. Hated every minute (of the run) and can’t wait for the next tri! 🤣 You know how it is.

  1. ok, this made me giggle. I almost attempted a tri myself once. I think timing is exactly what the Scavenger Hunt is all about!

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