What is my superpower header image shows a selection of lego superheroes surrounded by a hank of green rope.

What Is My Superpower?

What is my superpower header image shows a selection of lego superheroes surrounded by a hank of green rope.

The 4thoughts prompt this week got me thinking, as it so often does. Initially, hot off the heels of the fiction marathon, I wanted to write a steamy piece erotica around the prompt. My brain is in need of a rest of creating worlds though so I got my cap back on. My brain chewed on the question: “What is my superpower?”

The first answer I’d arrived at, even as I was reading the prompt, seemed unsatisfactory somehow. I’m unapologetically authentic. It’s a strength, for sure, but does it qualify? And if so how on earth can I write a post about it? Or, as my brain corrected, how can I write something new?

I decided that I wasn’t the one to answer the question I wanted answers to.

After all, does Superman believe he has super powers? Or are they just a normal part of him? I must admit, I’ve not watched any superman since I was a little girl so I could well be wrong in this guess. Nevertheless, I sent the question out to a selection of my friends, across all of the words I inhabit. Well, really, there were two questions:

  • What would you say is my superpower?
  • What would be my super villain power?

I don’t know why I asked the second, but I do like to get the full picture, and I didn’t want people to think they had to be nice. Saying that, I only asked people I trust to be honest, there was no point in asking people pleasers.

In their opinion, what is my superpower?

I’d no idea what would come back, but I was surprised. A few friends didn’t have the spoons to formulate responses. I was pleased they could tell me that they weren’t doing too well; this gave me the opportunity to support them if needed. One person came back with answers that were confusing, but he reads a lot of comics so I think he has a different view on the question, certainly something to discuss at a later date. And my mum said tenacity and kindness, which was lovely to read. But of the ten others who answered I was shocked at my consistency. (Perhaps this could be a superpower?)

There were variations on a theme of helping people to see things differently. It was also pointed out multiple times that this quality could be used for good or evil!

Sometimes this “superpower” encourages them to be brave- because they see things as much less scary. Or maybe this can help them feel less judgemental because they gain a different viewpoint. It makes me a positive advisor, because I don’t advise. I just ask questions to help them understand their own viewpoint, even when they are presenting with anger.

Digesting these answers I realised that perhaps my self-assigned superpower of authenticity ties in with the observations of my friends. If I weren’t so comfortable and confident with my own viewpoint and life choices, would I be so open to the sensibilities of others? Could I maintain objectivity in the face of fear, judgement and even hostility?

I don’t know the answers, but perhaps it doesn’t matter.

Self-perception and the way others view us is a topic I’ve been mulling over for a while, so I think I’ll explore this in a post of it’s own right. For now I must get back to ironing my cape.

Different-Perspective Girl must be ready for next time her superpowers are required! 😉


What is my superpower? is the latest addition to my 4Thoughts collection. Here is one of my current favourite thinking cap posts: BDSM, Discipline, Punishment and Me.


  1. Interesting post – I do think you are very self aware – and it seems that fits in with the authenticity –

    Also you got me thinking when you said “After all, does Superman believe he has super powers? Or are they just a normal part of him?” – It made me think when I 1st got together with my man – it was astonishing how many things he could do “extremely well” – musician, writerm cook, debater – shit stirrer lol – he just saw himself as normal and as time has gone on my sense of awe for his talents has calmed – but reading your post has made me realise we should always make sure we appreciate our loved ones “superpwoers” – even when we are used to,them


    1. He is a man of many talents! I hope you are enjoying celebrating his superpowers with him once more. N xx

  2. Barefoot wow- so thought provoking. You’ve demonstrated that throwing the net out to friends & family for responses made you thoughtful too. You’ve analysed yourself and I think you have nailed it.
    I also approve of the name “different perspective girl” – perhaps challenge yourself to make her a suitable costume for one of the photo memes? I can sometimes be “shoe on the other foot girl” when offering advice to my friends (I think I might be more preachy than you!) so if you ever need a sidekick ….

    1. Thank you Posy, it was an interesting exercise that’s for sure. But I’m glad did. I follow my feet, keeping in line with my moral compass, so to see that I’m a comfort to others while being authentic was a relief.

      Funny you should say about the costume… I may be working on something 😉 watch this space! N xx

  3. To me, your superpower indeed is your authenticity, and your ability to write about yourself – your boundaries, your healing – so clearly that others can learn from it. You just are a superwoman!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thank you Marie. If my experiences can help just one person then they will all be worth it, and so I try really hard to be, well, me. N xx

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