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My First Trip To The Boudoir

Header image for my first trip to the boudoir is black and white image of my feet on Dr Love lace's bottom by dark lion photography.
Image: Dark Lion Photography. Models Me and Dr Lovelace

The weeks that followed my first meeting with the red shoes were a bit of a whirlwind. Sir was working away, and so I enjoyed the longer term goals that he had set me. The blog was growing, I was telling my story with confidence and clarity. I was starting to feel confident in my running, and had taken to the trails of Dartmoor for inspiration. My next intense week tied in with my first trip to the boudoir.

The week began in a haze of pleasure (both for myself and others) and making connections. M was sitting for me as per our routine at the time, so I was able to travel to a fetish club mid week. I had spoken to the owners of twisted boudoir shortly before the previous New Years, as I was aiming to make it there for the celebrations. However, my nerves failed me and I decided to stay home, tending to my ropes. The parties felt too much at that point. 6 weeks later, under the long distance care of Sir once more, I had a mission. Tasks to complete, for him. And for my growth.

A powerful motivator to socialise, one I still can’t shake off!

When I discovered the couple on fabswingers, shortly before my first trip to their boudoir, I was really excited. The conversation turned from polite and formal information on the business to friendly, flirty and laced with innuendo.. He was laid back, and she was sexy. He liked his submissive to get up to all kinds of filth, and, in turn, she likes the ladies. I was a little distracted when I arrived, Trautaruan and Ck were there, and had brought a selection of rubber hoods for me to sniff and fondle. This was the first time I had touched latex, so when I was allowed to try one on it was a big deal! I return to this point regularly, but I really am very lucky to have friends who are so happy to introduce me to their interests.

After a cup of tea, and much laughter, an offer for a guided tour of her venue was made by my gorgeous host. A guided tour! As she sowed off the varied sets within the space I was blown away with the variety of kit the couple own. And as we made our way to the private room, complete with medical bed and violet wands. she pointed out something else.

Something that made my heart take a leap.

“Did you fancy having go on our fucking machine?” Now that was a question I couldn’t turn down! We left the room and she went to ask him to set the beast up. Once it was ready to go she ushered me up onto the bed and lining up the sheathed dildo attachment. Taking my wand she slowly started to increase the pleasure. Low level rumbles first, accompanying the gentle thrusts of my new best friend. As she increased the intensity in both external and internal assaults she would build me up and then… ease off. Bringing me to orgasm gently a few times and backing off. Then…. whoosh! the flood gates opened. Her smile said it all.

“I wasn’t going to stop until you made a mess” she beamed at me.

Taking a moment to recover myself before hopping down we switched positions. Her wand weighed heavy in my had. The orgasm that had flooded over me ripped the strength out of me. Brilliant! I had to learn a new piece of tech and regain my strength. She ran me through the controls of the machine before setting me loose, and over the unknown period of time that I was in control she was edged and pleasured before… Whoosh! It was time for her to soak the room. Thank goodness for wipe clean medical furniture!

As I helped her down from the bed, the pair of us in fits of giggles, the door inched open. He poked his head around the door to let us know that the night had to come to an end. He took great pleasure in informing us that he, and all of the other guests, had enjoyed hearing our shrieks of delight throughout the evening.

Once we had cleaned up and dressed we sheepishly left the room. Two satisfied and slightly sticky submissive women, facing the friends we had been so blissfully unaware of as we made full use of our time together.

This may have been my first time at Twisted Boudoir, but it wouldn’t be my last.

You’ll need to exercise patience though. There is just too much fun to be shared in one post!



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