The only difference between friends and lovers is about four minutes.


MrN pushed me in ways that were new and exciting, and we had some fun times.

From sharing videos and fantasies, to stretching myself to be able to take a patent leather heel, I was exposed to some different kinks and perhaps he was too. Before I met him I had been confused by the idea of a shoe fetish, but experiencing his passion for heels showed me that it was not odd or scary, and could actually be quite erotic. But we were both incredibly busy, and the distance between us, coupled with our vanilla lives, got in the way of our sharing of time with each other.. Ultimately we couldn’t commit to the others’ expectations and we drifted out of the dynamic after about 4 months. There were no bad feelings though and until about 6 months ago we were still in fairly regular contact.

Life is funny though, and my friend M was single again.

While I was with MrN he had given me permission to get my physical needs met with M, who was playing the field, so we had arranged a dirty weekend. Having parted ways with MrN I now had the freedom to do exactly what I wanted, and explore what M wanted too. Since I had met him as a task for Sir, M and I had become good friends. Over the year he had been a source of support, throughout my separation from P and the loss of Sir, and I was so excited to be seeing him again. The date came round quite quickly and I was on my way down to his place, singing along to the music on my car radio.

The year between meetings had provided enough foreplay to ensure fireworks.

And the night was full of unbridled passion. Vanilla, yes, but fulfilling none-the-less. And when we were spent we lay together, curled up in the dark, talking about life, the universe and everything, before falling asleep wrapped up in each other. That was peculiar for me as I am not a snuggly sleeper. When I woke the next morning, alone in a strange house I had a moment of worry. But as my mind ran through the night before my nose picked up the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. M had got up early and nipped to the shops, and now he was cooking me a breakfast of bacon and poached eggs. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been cooked breakfast for when I woke, and as he came up to the bedroom with a smile, a kiss and cup of tea (though the smell of freshly brewed coffee was welcome I don’t often drink it) I felt truly spoilt.

We spent the rest of the morning exploring each other’s bodies.

Then we went to town, exploring the market, visiting his favourite cafe for lunch, and finding an opulent bakery where we found the most ridiculous cakes for eating with a cup of tea before my drive home. On the walk back to his house I spotted some curious wicker flowers in a charity shop window. I went in and bought a bunch, at 70p each these were a steal… They were not for display though, when I saw them I had immediately thought of my toy box, they looked like vicious little impact play toys.

I had no idea who would be using them on me but they were too good a find to ignore.

I didn’t have long to wait, as when I explained to M he said he would be keen to try them out, both ways. After getting back to his I helped him with a couple of things before we inevitably ended up naked again. This time my vanilla friend presented his back to me and I used the wicker flowers to make his olive skin glow, using both the bloom and the stem. We then swapped and he used them on me. With my lily-white flesh the bloom made me red, and the stem left angry raised welts. Seeing the effect the pain had on me, and spurred on by the welts as they appeared, he was rather turned on by whole situation. Taking full advantage of this excitement I took him in my mouth, enjoying his arousal once more before it was time for a cup of tea and cake.

As soon as our time together started it was over and I was driving home again – a happy girl indeed. 



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