letter box adventure header image, the barefoot sub exposing her breasts at a post box

Letter Box Adventure

letter box adventure header image, the barefoot sub exposing her breasts at a post box

For my 65th scavenger hunt location I’m exposing myself for a letter box adventure. How else would I celebrate this special service?

At least, I think it’s pretty special. Last year I became part of a local Artist Trading Card group. I’m not the most artistic person, but over the years Sir has encouraged my creativity, and this group was a natural progression of his tasks. The confidence that grows from his requests leads me down all sorts of rabbit holes! I then signed up to a swap site, and have started corresponding internationally with other creative folks. I had no idea that I could send a letter to New Zealand for £1.70. That’s pretty staggering value for money. No, it’s not as fast or free as an email, but there is nothing quite like opening a letter and sitting down with a cuppa to read/decipher someone elses thoughts.

While dropping my most recent swap at the post box I was reminded of a day last summer, when SWL and I went scavenging. This letter box was 100m behind us on a country road before we realised. She slammed the car into reverse and I jumped out to bag it. There were no cars when we parked, and as she took this one rumbled into view behind me. She was in the car and heard nothing, calling “Just one more, I’m not sure I’ve…” as I adjusted my top for modesty.

Another scavenger huntress who has been exposing herself at a post box is Molly. Go and check out her beaming smile in the post Please Mr Postman. It seems she and I celebrate summer in a very similar way!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

I hope you enjoyed my letter box adventure. If you have, perhaps another image taken by SWL will make you smile? Check out An Exhibitionist Crossing.


  1. Brilliant! I have lost count of the times I’ve had to dress in a panic after something/someone unexpected has come arounf the corner.

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