The red shoes

The Red Shoes

The red shoes
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Following on from previous misadventures with my toybag I was frustrated. In more ways than one, as I’m sure you can imagine!. But I’m not one to give up, and over the course of the week that followed I started speaking to a lovely couple. They were called the red shoes- so named as he was a huge Kate Bush fan- and she was just my type. Something that makes me nervous was that they were new to the site, but they seemed genuine so I kept an open mind. Add to that their fuck buddy couple status, not always known for their reliability. But… she wanted to explore her bi side. And, well, he was more than happy to support her in that, which included setting up the fab account. By the time Friday evening arrived we were all excited and I was ready to get on the road.

I set off to meet the red shoes!

My toy bag once more in the car, batteries removed where possible after the last time! This time, not only did I include the essentials, but packed a healthy dose of scepticism. I’d been in this position less than a week before, half expected to find myself playing solo once more that night. However, when I parked the car and rounded the corner, I noticed lights through a crack in the curtain. Ever on the lookout for something wrong, I noted the motorhome in the drive. A suggestion they might be much older than their profile said. However, I could always walk away if this was the case.

I relayed this to CC (my safety call) saying I’d text when I knew either way, then I rang the bell. They answered and were exactly as they had said. He (let’s call him Red) was 6 foot, dark and rugby player build. She (I’m going to call her Pink) was a slim 5’3- I think- with wonderful curves. Both smiling and happy, she though she was noticeably nervous. Which was good. She seemed to match my own jittery state. Apparently though this isn’t how I present myself!

With Red on tea duties, she and I chatted.

I was right about the house belonging to older people, she was house sitting for her Dad and his wife while they were on holiday. Her bolt hole from an unhappy marriage, it seemed to be giving her freedom to find herself.

At this point I told her that I was going to check in with my safety friend, as I was now happy and comfortable. Text sent I set an alarm to remind me to check in (much) later on.

Once I’d drunk my tea and she’d finished her wine we made our way upstairs. I stripped to my birthday suit and she peeled off her layers to reveal a seductive black lingerie set, including suspenders. We soon became entwined and sweaty and slick with arousal. The carefully packed contents of my toy bag were all enjoyed. Her eyes (and body) barely able to comprehend what pleasures lurked inside. I only introduced a couple of bits and pieces, but that was enough for this night. I knew that Sir would be happy, as my pleasure was well and truly taken care of by my enthusiastic lover. Reds desires weren’t left out either, and the evening came to a very sexy and satisfying conclusion for us all.

Once he had gone home she and I lay across the bed.

We chatted like old friends for hours. We each got our phones out, I had pictures taken by Red on mine, Pink pulled up her favourite tunes. As we enjoyed revisiting the memories we’d made that evening she played tunes that she loved. To this day I can’t listen to Maroon 5 without thinking about Pink and our adventures.

There were more, you see. Many more.

I’m linking this to Musically Ranting’s catch up prompt, with #17 Music Memories in mind.

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  1. This sounds like such a wonderful meeting, and I love how relaxed you were with each other afterwards. And that song? I love it… and did from the first moment I heard it.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Ooh Red … my fav colour !!!
    Love that in the after-math you were comfortable enough with each other to “socialise” even more.
    And yes, Maroon 5 were a staple on our regular swinging-club’s playlist … back when “socialising” was much more possible!!!
    Xxx – K

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