Alice in a fully bodysuit, tied in a hogtie which is ideally inescapable.

Ideally It’s Inescapable

Alice in a fully bodysuit, tied in a hogtie which is ideally inescapable.

Yesterday we looked at hair ties. Todays post for barefoot’s bondage A-Z looks at those, for whom, ideally it’s inescapable bondage.

In my experience this is a game between the rigger and the bunny. The rigger ties the bunny, the bunny tries to escape. If they manage, they win. If not, the rigger wins. Simple! There are often consequences for not escaping, and rewards for managing to get free. But these are discussed within each dynamic, and depend very much on the preferences of the individuals involved.

As a bunny, I’ve not found this a fun game to play.

As soon as the ropes are being placed my brain is tracking them, following the maze of bindings, planning my escape. A mental exercise in concentration. I like the world to slip away, and find exceptional freedom within tight bondage. I also enjoy the pain of strict ropes, and the feeling of control that comes from being bound by sir. But testing inescapable bondage is just not my bag.

As a rigger however… the story is completely different.

And I’m very lucky to have two good friends who enjoy testing me, and my ropes. You’ve met the boy before, but Alice is a relatively new addition to the blog, popping up in Frozen Moments when I was his safety girl. I’ll introduce him properly when we meet him in my timeline, but for now you can enjoy his struggles. For Alice, bondage will always ideally be inescapable. Whether playing solo or with friends. But I’m a lot happier knowing that he has someone with him, and if I get to giggle at his discomfort while I’m keeping an eye. I make no attempt to hide my sadistic streak.

It fascinates me to watch these big strong men transform into slippery eels.

The boy and Alice both manage to find each and every free end or misplaced friction. Exposing any vulnerability in the bonds and making every attempt to escape. With my rigger’s hat on, I observe, learning their flexibility limitations so I can exploit these next time. Funny how the mental game is so much more exciting when the shoe is on the other foot!

One of the things I want to highlight this month is the variety of ways that rope can be enjoyed.

And this is a prime example of that. The relationship between rope top and bottom creates an individual path. Just because it’s not my favourite when tied, doesn’t mean I can’t find immense pleasure when restricting friends. But by the same token, just because The boy and Alice have an inescapable bond, doesn’t mean that I want to tie SWL like this, or myself! Find what works for you, and love every moment.

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  1. One of the things I love about rope is it’s versatility and how it can be used in so many different ways depending on who is using it


    1. Hi Dave. It’s not scary, but it is 3/4 years of friendship, trust building and shared hobbies. In this case, bondage. (And the black lycra suit and hood Alice is wearingiare to maintain his anonymity.)

      We all have different tastes and that is a wonderful part of being human. You don’t need to change who you are. There is enough room in this world for us all to enjoy life in our own way.

      Thank you for stopping by 😊

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