SWL in quirky quick and dirty Jojocuff arm binder

Quirky Quick And Dirty

SWL in quirky quick and dirty Jojocuff arm binder

Yesterday, for Barefoot’s Bondage A-Z we looked at pretty pillow hands. Today I’ve asked SWL to help show off some quirky quick and dirty rope.

I know, I know, you’ve seen this arm binder before.

At the start of the month I shared The Vaux in this tie. I would apologise for over sharing armbinders, but in this case I wanted to tell you about quick and dirty rope.

As you may have noticed, I like to keep things simple when I tie. It is far more enjoyable to me when I can restrain without hurting my brain! I am also, generally, short on time. With both of these things in mind the traditional martial art of Hojōjutsu seems to fit my preferences quite nicely.

Historically used to capture and restrain prisoners with thin cords and minimal wraps, the focus wasn’t on the safety and wellbeing of the bound. Fortunately for my wonderful friends who indulge my rigging desires, I started to learn this technique at a local peer rope session, under the watchful tutoring of Angel. She ensured that those in her session understood the difference between dangerous criminals and consenting volunteers though; extra wraps, careful positioning and not being too rough are all important factors in playtime.

SWL and I tie may together, but our friendship is purely platonic.

Though I am aware our platonic may well appear sexual to onlookers, what with all the naked flesh! I love how maleable she is to my ideas, and how patient she is when the working ends don’t whip her. (She’s also a masochist.) However, as with all relationships there are boundaries and we play within those. While I love tying her, in fact all of my bunny friends, the process and connection are what I enjoy. I don’t associate my rigging with sex. And I like that.

But there is something quite seductive about being able to capture and bind a (willing) victim, quickly and efficiently.

Or with the shoe on the other foot… being caught and restrained.

In my erotic daydreams Sir captures me like this. Kneeling on me he deftly restricts my movement before using me for his pleasure. I’ve mentioned before that he ties for control, and the thought of this tie, in that way, by him makes me go Mmmmm- squelch 😉

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Has my enjoyed my quirky, quick and dirty tie made you go Mmmm? Check out what else brings that noise from my lips: Water Closet Watcher.



  1. sometimes quick and dirty is something I just have to do, the take down and capture of a willing Boy is more fun when he fights just a little.
    I love the look of this tie ,:)

    1. I think Angel shared this at a peer rope we were both at. Happy to do a refresher via zoom next time the boys down with you? X

    1. The wonderful thing about this tie is that it’s fully adaptable for most levels of mobility. As long as you can reach behind, this can be tied. This was out 6th tie of the weekend and SWL was happy to be strained a little while. I’m not sure I could stay in this position for long though N xx

  2. Arm binders are quick and quite efficient, and an excellent tie for almost any situation.
    Your erotic daydream makes me say mmm too. There is something completely delicious about being at the mercy of your Master (or Sir). Mmm indeed!

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