Beautiful Booty in black and white

Beautiful Booty In Black And White

Beautiful Booty in black and white

Yesterday I posted some images in a review post Two truths and a lingerie lie. The post was inspired by Wicked Wednesday, the prompt kind of dictated how I “tested” the underwear. And when I read the post back before linking up this morning I noticed one of the pictures. Wondered if it would look erotic in monochrome? Who knew. There was only one way to find out though… Create an edit of my beautiful booty in black and white.

As it turns out I’m pretty happy. Indeed, the only thing missing from the photo (edited or not) is the evidence of a firm hand. But in these challenging times I am showing great patience. As is Sir.

Not too long now though!

The question now is, shall I tell you here, what the lie was? Or wait a little longer?


Well, as I’m practising patience regarding my need for spanking, I think that I’ll also practise self restraint, and tell you in my next Wicked Wednesday post. Whenever that may be.


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  1. You’re a tease, both with this stunning image in black and white, and not telling us the lie… but I like that you keep us in suspense 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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