Sinfully Shy?

sinfully shy

He’s holding an armful of pink tulips and wearing a hungry, focused expression. His blue eyes travel up and down over my body, and I feel almost shy under his gaze.

“You’re a goddess.”

He says it like a normal person would say, “Your dress is white.

–Β Author: Liz Reinhardt

Sometimes I remember what it feels like to be shy.

This morning I had those creeping nerves, suggesting that I should just stay at home.

And then I remembered why I was heading out of the door, straightened my shoulders and smiled.

The tension transforming from fear to excitement

I’ll never be an extrovert, but I now have a quiet confidence often mistaken for shyness.

That’s a wonderful lesson to be taught.

Sinful Sunday
every damn day in june
Sinfully Shy? was first published onΒ A Leap of Faith.



    1. I took a few shots but I’m glad I stuck with it. (Runners toe nails don’t have the same effect!)

    1. I think there should be more quiet confidence in this world, and I’m happy to be an advocate of that 😁

  1. I would love a reason to feel shy or bold for that matter. I miss that connection with another human that has that ‘spark’


    1. He is transient so I make the most of being useful to Him when I can. But the rest of the time i use one of his lessons regularly. “Be your own sir” is quite a powerful message.

      I hope you find the connection you are missing. Not easy with current restrictions though, is it?

      N x

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