The barefoot sub with her tee shirt lifted, sitting at the mouth of the cave. for the scavenger hunt.

At The Mouth Of The Cave

The barefoot sub with her tee shirt lifted, sitting at the mouth of the cave for the scavenger hunt

How did I come to be sitting at the mouth of a cave? With my breasts exposed? Well, Loki and I had spent the second instalment of my 5-a-day-challenge on Dartmoor where he was only too happy to indulge my mini adventure. I have already shared the Stone Row and the Stile, and today I thought I’d revisit the summer once more.

When Loki first showed me the cave I was in awe. As we peered inside with the light of my phone there were flutterings coming from within. “Oh, it’s probably just bats, disturbed by the torch” says Loki. With a step that belied my nerves, I entered ahead of him, and the winged creature whizzed past my hair.

A Robin took guard at the cave mouth, and remained with us for our visit.

It was only small, a fairly low entryway leading into a shallow recess in the rock. Maybe 10 metres in length, the ceiling meeting the muddy ground at the far end. I love caves, their cool, dank, darkness waiting to swallow me whole. Perhaps this is my own brand of Vore, waiting to be consumed by mother nature?

Perhaps the warmer shots will encourage new people to become part of the scavenger hunt?

Finding inspiration through other people’s scavenging is something I particularly enjoy. This week I am sharing Cave Girl, a memory from Marie Rebel’s 2016 trip to Eroticon. Not only do I love her images- they are very cheeky!- but reading her memories made me think of my trip to London, for Eroticon 2019.

Attending an event like that alone, with no established friendships, is terrifying. Striking fear into the heart, much like the scavenger hunt can. Especially in those early days, but I was reminded of this quote recently…

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”

~~Joseph Campbell~~

I’m rarely sure what treasures I’m seeking, but I don’t want to miss out by being afraid to go looking.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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    1. I love your cave post! Aside from being so cheeky it made me wonder where they were, and if I could turn them into a trip with my boys (Now my cave location for the scavenger hunt has been completed!) N xx

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