A-Z April hair tie worked around SWL's long dark hair.

Hitching a Hair Tie

A-Z April hair tie worked around SWL's long dark hair.

Yesterday we looked at Glorious Ghost Rope. Next up in Barefoot’s bondage A-Z is my first ever attempt at hitching a hair tie.

Hair ties have always fascinated me. Loki and I have included them in some of our adventures, which has been a lesson in restricted movement, and all of the deliciousness that comes with it. I’d also seen it in action with others at events. Not just for immobilisation, but for arts sake too. However, I had never tied one myself.

Fortunately, SWL has long, luscious locks, and is more than happy for me to experiment on her. So, on a recent visit I took my rope and gave it a whirl. We were short on time, but big on smiles. I know where I would tweak this, if we’d had more time. Or if it were part of a scene. However, that is the joy of learning. And I’m really pleased with how this came off.

Next time I think the hitches will be more evenly spaced, and I may even attach her to something? Whatever happens, I’m sure you will see it eventually!

For a functional hair tie, rather than decorative, have a look at this tutorial from Knotty Scotty on YouTube.

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