California Exotics Eden Flicker in packaging

An Eden Flicker Play Date

California Exotics Eden Flicker in packaging

The team at Sexy Contours sent me the California Exotics Eden Flicker in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I was lucky to be joined by a playmate for the evaluation of this product. This means you get two opinions rather than just the one. All images are taken by me, and all opinions are my own. 

When my delivery from Sexy Contours arrived I was really excited.

As expected the parcel was plain and simple, no need for concern about the postman realising what was inside. Upon opening I found the contents matched my expectations. I love the colour of the California Exotics Eden Flicker, and it certainly makes quite a difference from the black, pink and purple toys I am used to discovering inside these kind of deliveries.

This one is battery operated so I didn’t need to wait for it to charge up, I only had to twist off the cap, insert the batteries and close it again. This I did as soon as I had a child free evening. Only, on this occasion I wasn’t alone. My friend had come for dinner, and we had discussed having a little play. After we had eaten I cleared the dishes and returned wearing my strap on as a surprise. I was the one who was met with a surprise though as she was reclining on my couch, rubbing the firm silicon tongue-style shaft along the crotch of her trousers.

That was all the invitation I needed, and we made a right pair as we raced up to my bedroom, her clutching the little blue toy while I chased her up the stairs, rubber cock bouncing! She quickly stripped off and was swiftly restrained on my sheets. I had intended to use my doxy on her immediately, but changed plans at the last minute…

As she had already toyed with the Eden Flicker I decided a very thorough review was in order.

Starting the vibrations on the most gentle setting I worked through the vibration patterns. (Mostly these were your standard patterns, but two stood out as interesting and I made a mental note to try these thoroughly on myself) Initially I used the smooth side on her, and then I flipped to the ridged side over her labia and, as they unfurled like petals her clit was revealed. I was able to nudge the tip under her clitoral hood while the ridged side rubbed along her swollen lips.

This change in position and pressure produced extremely pleasing results.

The rest of this evening will have to wait for a later date, for now I only want to discuss this little powerhouse of pleasure.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I finally found myself alone with time to kill. Having felt the vibrations from the side of the giver I was surprised to feel they were just as strong on the receiving end. No wonder she enjoyed it so much! I used it in the same way, to warm myself up. To build sensation and to let those sensations flow over me in a flood of endorphins. It felt incredible and I thought I was about to find release when I upped the speed and pressed a little harder… this is how I would usually tip myself over the edge… and “arghhhhh!”

This isn’t my usual reaction, and it was in response to a deep discomfort. I removed the toy from my pussy, changed the vibrations to a more gentle setting and repositioned it, sliding it inside. The gentle flickering between my walls was  delicious, and I was soon squirming again. Slipping it out and rolling it out and sliding over my labia once more. Cresting myself to the orgasm that almost didn’t happen.

So, those are my play experiences with this tongue style vibrator.  But what about the technical side?

The silicon is smooth and firm to the touch, with a flexible tip and grippy ridges on one side. The button is easy to reach, but it isn’t so straightforward to change the setting by accident. This is something I am particularly skilled at doing. The 6 inches of “tongue” carry the strong vibrations well, whether being used externally or internally. As it is waterproof the toy is easy to clean, and would be great for use in the shower too.

I was keen to try this one as it is a style of toy I had never used before.

My expectations were for a warm up toy rather than a finisher. I am so pleased to say that I was wrong.

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