Anal Training With MrN And A Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are for rolling out pastry and anal training.
Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

My fun evenings with MrN were always highlights of my time with him, especially when he developed my masochism with creative tasks. But it wasn’t just pain games he stretched me with. Pee play was a big kink of his. And naturally, I wonder how many submissives have been tasked by their dominant with anal training?

Both of S and MrN required anal training of me during my time with them.

It was a task that I relished because anal play is a particular weakness for me…. It was my first step outside of “normal” sex at the tender age of….um….consenting adult. I have always loved it, and since beginning to stretch and train in that area play has been even more satisfying. Since learning to cleanse myself the prospect of ass-to-mouth has become an achievable fantasy. One of the many perversions shared this with MrN. Because I was pushing against my hard limit of scat the risk felt really taboo, but I knew that I would never have to go there if it was dirty.

So far so good with my recommencement of anal training.

No mishaps with my cleaning routine, and a gradual increase in the depth and girth of stretch. MrN was happy and so was I. Things were progressing nicely. And then we both had an impromptu evening; his partner was out for the night, and my children had a surprise overnight with their dad. He asked me to be available for him at 7.30. He told me he would be pushing me further, and I should prepare myself for all eventualities. There was the problem… I was working until 6 and had an hours drive home. There would not be enough time to clean thoroughly, and doing half a job was worse than not doing it at all. Checking if there was any way out of work sooner I realised there wasn’t, sosent him a quick email outlining the problem I was facing.

His response was that if it came out dirty he expected me to clean it.

“I’m sorry but, as discussed, that is a hard limit, I will not be doing that” was pinged back immediately, and he acquiesced. If it was visibly dirty I wouldn’t need to suck it clean. There had been a brief moment when I thought I should not have said anything, just gone along with his request. But the reason I (we?) have fixed limits is because we know what we are not willing to do, under any circumstances. And making myself heard was a new skill which I had been working on, with both P and H. Now that I had enough self-confidence to speak up, I wasn’t going to stay quiet if I needed to.

The drive home was good, mind filled with impure thoughts on the training session.

I still didn’t know what it was going to be: a plug? a vibrator? a selection of pens? Wondering about all of the possibilities for the evening it is amazing that I got home in one piece! After freshening up and having a quick bite to eat it was time to catch up properly. I already knew that it would be an anal training session, but I was not expecting him to request I find one thing larger than my largest plug which I would be able to insert without damaging myself.

Frantically searching my home I found my way to the kitchen. Rummaging through my utensil drawer I found my rolling pins. I had two, one with corners at the end, and one with curved knobbly ends. The former would damage me, if I could even get it past the entrance. The latter was a winner. I chose to sheath it because… well… health and hygiene!

My anal training option went down well with MrN…

…and with lube, patience and a firm hand I managed to exceed my expectations. But then came the withdrawal. Oh dear! I’m sure you don’t need me to elaborate further than it not being clean. Safe in the knowledge that I had fought my corner and I could just rip off the condom without repercussions I decided that it was now or never. And how could I say that it was a hard limit if I had never tried…. It may end up being an amazing experience, in the same way that pee play had been, maybe? With my eyes raised to the ceiling with an all too familiar smile, questioning my sanity, I did it.

I cleaned the rolling-pin!

Actually, I didn’t fully clean it, but I did enough to cement that hard limit into place. As always I had pushed myself past what I was comfortable with, exceeding my expectations and pleasing MrN in the process. He had respected me and my limits, when I had reminded him of them. I had found it in myself to try something which I had would never have done but… I’m a curious girl.

The next week P decided he needed a rolling-pin… Guess which one he took. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing, barefootsub! I admire how brave you are and how you pushed your limits. What you have described in a hard limit for me as well, but I am interested in anal stretching. May I ask how you go about cleaning yourself before you engage in anal play? I don’t really know much about this….

    1. Of course, I shall do my best to help. I usually have a fair amount of notice, and here is my routine: I tie it into my preparations, so I’ll run a bath after I have been to the toilet. I have a douche like this and when I am in the bath I use this to fill myself up. Then I insert a plug, and wait as long as I can before expelling in the toilet. My body is good at telling me when it has had enough and it is time to get rid! I then repeat until I am just passing water. As my body becomes accustomed to the addition of water I can use a couple of full douches. Also the longer you can leave it in the less times you will need to fill yourself.

      A healthy diet with plenty of fibre and staying well hydrated is best. If things are a bit slow moving then a mild laxative about 24 hours beforehand (they take about 12 hours to work so if you know you have a chance for a lie-in time it well!!)

      A friend of mine uses his shower to do it all in one go. I know there are shower head attachments which can help facilitate this if that is the route you choose to go down. And last year I experienced my first enema, which was an intense cleaning experience, and also gave me quite a rush.

      Being patient, and experimenting is important I think, so that you find the right solution for you. Also trying to not be embarrassed by a little dirt, it is an exit after all!

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful response! I have never tried a douche or an enema, but would like to. I think your information has given me the courage that I need to do this. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

        1. Ooh, another thought as well… When you are stretching condoms come in very handy (unless you have an allergy) as they are quite slick and if the implement gets dirty you can just slide the condom off with a piece of tissue and discard it rather than having to worry about getting your hands too dirty.

          You are so welcome. I look forward to hearing how you get on (if that isn’t too weird?)

          1. LOL…not weird in this context at all! I’m not a huge fan of condoms, but I will keep that in mind. We have switched to all steel or glass anal toys as they tend to clean up much easier.

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