Bound by nature #SinfulSunday

Another picture from my walk in the woods with Urbstract_Photography I love the way that the ivy leaf shadows give the illusion of me being bound. Click on the lips to see what everyone else is up to:   

Scratching an itch for #SinfulSunday

I have an interesting relationship with pain and have found myself craving it recently. Waiting patiently (ish) for Sir's return. Today my need got the better of me and searching through my box of treats I pulled out some pegs and have temporarily satisfied that hunger.  Click the lips to see what everyone else is up... Continue Reading →

My first time #SOSS

I've been part of this wonderful world of blogging since january and often enjoyed other people's posts around this theme, following trails of crumbs to some amazing writings and images. Then I checked back at the page and discovered why there are so many wonderful posts Sharing Our Shit on Saturdays. So I thought I would... Continue Reading →

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