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I’ve been part of this wonderful world of blogging since january and often enjoyed other people’s posts around this theme, following trails of crumbs to some amazing writings and images. Then I checked back at the page and discovered why there are so many wonderful posts Sharing Our Shit on Saturdays. So I thought I would join in with some of my favourite posts from this week:

  • I spotted elust 106 on a number of blogs and am still reading through the amazing posts showcased on there. It is a monthly offering of the smartest and hottest sex bloggers, and the team works hard to bring us all the best possible compilation.
  • Reading through the masturbation monday submissions I particularly enjoyed this one from Rebels notes. Definitely my kind of dinnertime…
  • Teachers Have Sex posted this one for Wicked Wednesday, and it is by far my favourite for this week.
  • I found this post from Furcissy particularly interesting to read. It raises questions for me about sexual equality for the body positivity movement.
  • I have been brave and started to share pictures as part of #Sinfulsunday and I absolutely love this cheeky image  from Modesty Ablaze.

I hope you find something you enjoy in here, and I’m looking forward to what next week has in store.

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  1. So much content! I want to read it alllll! (Can we extend the day by several hours so I can have more fun reading kinky blogs, please?) Thanks for sharing!

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