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Thank youย Dominanceinprogressย for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.


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My 7 Things about me:

  1. My favourite cut flower is the Iris. They are quite a challenge to get hold of in the uk for most of the year, but my second choice of Alstromeria is much easier to find (and longer lasting as a cut flower) I suffered with awful hayfever until I was pregnant with my second child, so though I love flowers I have never really gotten into the habit of having them indoors.
  2. I have had 16 piercings, but none of them are in use at the moment, though I can still coax rings through my ear piercings.
  3. I have 6 tattoos… My favourite is my newest, flames on my ankle. I confused my tattooist because I laughed through the entire experience, this is apparently not normal!
  4. My favourite book is a curry recipe book from the 1970s. It has wonderful recipes, but is also a language course in Hindi, and contains maps and information on the different regions. I am sure that this book is one of the main reasons India evokes such wanderlust in me. The way the pages are grubby and my memories associated with feeding loved ones from those pages make this pip Gone With The Wind into first place.
  5. Until last year I would have said that the sea was my spiritual home. Since starting to explore the moors I have realised that it is any place where I can feel the peace, quiet and isolation of wide open spaces, the harshness of the moors or a stormy sea make me feel alive as well as remind me just how small my problems are compared with the bigger picture. The roaring sea, whistling wind or thundering rivers are my way to mindfulness.
  6. My dad died when I was 15. I was a daddy’s girl. I miss my dad, but I’m not looking for a Daddy ?
  7. I’m mostly a tea drinker, white with one. My preference is for loose leaf Assam. I don’t think there are many problems that can’t be fixed with a decent cup of tea. Saying that, if I find a really passionate coffee shop I love a double espresso. If you’re ever in Devon give me a shout and I’ll take you to my favourite cafe for some liquid lust.

My 7 nominations:

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  3. Not Your Average Girl
  4. Frances Elaina
  5. Life, Love and Bollocks
  6. The Zen Nudist
  7. Mental Health @Home


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