Scratching an itch for #SinfulSunday


I have an interesting relationship with pain and have found myself craving it recently.

Waiting patiently (ish) for Sir’s return.

Today my need got the better of me and searching through my box of treats I pulled out some pegs and have temporarily satisfied that hunger. 

Click the lips to see what everyone else is up to.

Sinful Sunday



  1. This is a very cool picture indeed. I have never tried this and I can’t even image what it must feel like. I do like the pinch of pegs but I have never thought about using them like this.


  2. I like the pain of pegs especially on my nipples but I have very sensitive feet so this photo made me suck some air in and make a sort of growl.
    Missy x

  3. I love the photo very intriguing – made me look twice. Now I think I may have to try doing this on my toes… thanks for introducing me to a new thing I can do on my own. Xx

  4. One person’s pain truly is another person’s pleasure!!! Clothespins have always felt so harsh to me, but other kinds of pain are delightful. I’ll incorporate this into the next session I do as a domme!

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