Marks, Creativity, Art And Sadistic Kisses

Marks, when creativity meets art. My inner thighs looking beautifully purple with various implements.

Marks are beautiful and I love to celebrate them. By that I do of course mean that intentional, consensual marks are beautiful. I could never knowingly celebrate abuse. The creativity offered by a sadist, one who will challenge my flesh in an effort to create marks, body art.

These are my most recent bruises, at the time of writing. Made at the end of September, at Twisted Boudoir, by D. It turns out that, while he may have given exquisitely sadistic kisses, his art is not a fit for my own brand of creativity.

Art, after all, is knowing what mistakes to let go of; never more important than when you’ve been exploring creativity and making marks with a sadist.

(Apologies if my butchering a sentiment is a touch confusing. I’d planned to use a quote but discovered the source is in fact a racist. Unfortunately his art was always a favourite, but I’m pleased that US publications removed his creativity. I guess there is a certain irony in his quote coming true for him.)

February Photo Fest 2024

Returning for another year, welcome to my fifth February PhotoFest effort. If you would like, follow the links to explore past years:


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