Barefoot Meets Jacq – A Silver Clay Adventure

wearing the silver pendant I made with Jacq at Sully's Studios

Yesterday I mentioned surprise adventures taking up my January. One such adventure was with the gorgeous Jacq, creating a uniquely barefoot pendant from Silver Clay in her studio. It’s fair to say I’m smitten, with her and with my new creation.

I discovered her quite by chance. A walk on the Moor with DinoDom left us with hungry tummies. Mid-afternoon on the Moor in early January is not the best time to find pub grub, but we weren’t too far from a farm shop I knew would be open. Wandering through the foyer something caught my eye. “Workshops” is always going to get my attention. And so I took a picture on my phone and googled it later on.

Jacq, master of operations at Sully’s Studios, is just phenomenal.

Not only did she teach me about Silver Clay, and empower me to create my own unique pendant. She also champions the female form. Her celebration of womens’ bodies and the unique power we hold is a delight, as are the walls of her workshop and the shelves in her online store.

Such was my excitement at discovering her site and Instagram, I messaged Jacq from my Barefoot account.

Ooops! However, our conversation was diverse and interesting. She was not shocked. And my asking to share a little about her here was welcomed with a big grin.

Honestly, if you want to learn a new skill in joyful, empowering company, go to Sully’s Studios.

She ticks all of those boxes.

Book in to see her on you next trip to Devon and come back here to show me what you’ve created.

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