T is for Traces

Lady wearing a cerise lacy bra, Framed by the fabric are traces of finger print bruises on her left breast

Sometimes I am knocked for six.

It doesn’t happen very often but occasionally my mind is completely blown.

This week saw just one such situation.

My mind and body flowing over the edge repeatedly in the hands of a friend.

Dressing today I noticed the remnants of passion. Traces of his fingers framed by my bra. Thanking him with a picture and text he was glad I like the marks but he had not intended them.

As far as traces go these are a wonderful surprise.

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T is for Traces was first published on A Leap of Faith.

Sometimes love don’t feel like it should.


A snapshot into my sinful Sunday last week…

Suffice to say, he broke my cane! In a most unconventional way…. More on that story when I catch up to last week in my timeline of tales, but for now I hope you enjoy the sneaky peek. I had a some messages after posting this last week, and I wanted to share that I have found that I love myself, and my many kinks. The heat of these welts and the intensity as He burnt them into my skin while dripping his cool sweat onto my singing flesh.

Yup, sometimes, sometimes love don’t feel like it should.


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Sometimes love don’t feel like it should was originally posted on A leap of faith.

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