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Memoirs and musings header shows me laying back on the bed, whip marks across my body.

When you set out to share the story of how you became the woman you are today, and then the woman you are going to be in six months is totally different to the woman you imagined, how is this girl supposed to reconcile the two? This is a puzzle I’ve been mulling over since March. It’s probably why I’ve shared mostly musings and pictures, with only five posts from my “A Little About Me” memoirs in the time since then.

There are so many unwritten stories to share in the gap between early 2019 and now. I’ve created mischief and had some incredible adventures. There’s even been the occasional distressing event that perhaps my sharing can help someone heal from their own experience.

All the while I’ve been sharing musings on boobs, rope and sex toys, I’ve been making new stories for my memoirs.

Working title: “The Barefoot Chronicles”.

And as I have such wonderful experiences with D, I am really enjoying sharing a little here and there. But I want to share more, and this is where I get myself in a pickle. Sharing the stories out of chronological order feels very un-memoirs-y, but illustrating my musings with images from now feels like I’m neglecting the joy. Smudging over the finer details of these new and exciting adventures.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this.

Shocking that I, the barefoot sub, would ever overthink anything!

But it has been known to happen…

I’m torn between wanting to keep my timeline of tales chronologically accurate. But at the same time I’m so excited about these wonderful places that I am going with D…

I want to tell you all about my first time with a single tail. The way he had to whip me to dry my tears. The sensations that danced under my skin as the whip kissed and caressed me. The addition of rubber rope, making deeper bruises, fun for poking. The feeling of small-ness as he stood across from me, throwing the whip. My sense of vulnerability vulnerability as I watched him toss the single tail. The way I never feel as beautiful as when I’m marked. How these dings, emblazoned on my flesh, have given me an anchor when the darkness of drop has threatened.

I don’t want to skip the woman whose memoires are still unwritten, but I want my wonderful new world to be shared as more than just fleeting glimpses and sexy musings.

Or the occasional teasing photo.

But this blog isn’t all about me.

Actually, what am I saying… Yes it is! (Or it is all about my world, at any rate.) As much as I love writing, sharing all sorts here, you’re the ones who choose to read my posts.

Please let me know. Tell me in the comments, or via most of the social media channels (@thebarefootsub). And don’t forget my contact form.

And while I continue not deciding what direction my blog will take, I’d love to hear what you would like to read more of. Reviews will come as and when, and the rest is almost as haphazard. Do you enjoy my musings on kink and life in general, or would you prefer to read chronological memoirs? Or… do you not mind so long as I keep sharing some sexy pictures? Do you quite like the experience of flitting around inside my brain… So long as what you read is relevant and generally sexy?

For now though, I’m going to leave you with the sexy image at the top. And the teasing images created through my words. You’ll just have to imagine what my first experience f a single tail was like, and how I was smiling again by the end of it.

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