Clothes: A Necessary Evil

Clothes take hard work, but ironing is easier in a latex hood and a sheer body stocking.

Clothes… What a topic to have for Sinful Sunday’s October prompt! There was an idea in my head, but it didn’t translate well to a photo. So I left it for a while. Paused the creativity.

While guzzling coffee, sipping tea and eating a cinnamon and raisin bagel I was sorting photo folders on my phone. (Not procrastinating at all!) A memory hit, of an old shoot with Dansa, who had commented, as I settled into the naked set, that I was so much more relaxed without my clothes on. An observation that amuses me no end!

It’s funny because it’s true!

I’m definitely more at ease in my own skin.

But I make the most of the opportunity to express myself through clothes. Snuggly jumpers; brightly coloured tights; tee shirts with relevant words; playful skirts that make undressing fun.

Aside from making my presence in society more acceptable, by ensuring I’m not constantly naked, they also make my scavenger hunt possible. The wrong clothes will render cheeky-yet-ethical exhibitionism unattainable. Yet a loose fitting top and flappy sleeves can make even the trickiest location achievable with carefully considered angles and the briefest of flashes.

Continuing my scrolling with a second bagel (and more coffee) I slipped into my collection labelled Tree Of Life. The photographer was so much fun to work with, and was fully accepting of my curious sense of humour. He’d suggested a few photos with a white shirt, but the one I had picked up would need ironing before I wore it.

Did he have an iron?

Yes he did. And I’d be welcome to use it.

Arriving for the shoot, crinkled shirt in hand, I mused that we could take some photos as I ironed? (Thinking a spot of kinky housework would be a fun moment to capture.)

Sure thing!

And so I dressed for another idea we had and whipped the iron out as he set up the board and camera.

Shortly after, I found my ironing skills being immortalised as I tried to relieve the shirt of it’s creases and wrinkles.

And it’s definitely better to iron clothes – a job that usually brings no joy – almost naked, with a latex hood, than in pyjamas. But then, I think a touch of kink makes every task a little more fun.

So, clothes…

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

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