Ishidaki Board Semenawa – My Nemesis

picture of me kneeling on an Ishidaki board. Wearing turquoise tights and bra, tied down with purple rope, and gagged with rope.

Muffled squeaks bubbled out from around the rope gag, the sweat beading beneath my eyes as the pain coursed through me. I couldn’t even be sure he’d seen me as he’d tied me blind, but I hoped he understood my urgent, gagged pleas to get off the Ishidaki board.

It had been OK until I moved slightly. The smoothed edges of the board went from allowing a good distribution of my weight, to feeling like hundreds (thousands?) of pairs of nipple clamps. All being released and reapplied in a slightly different position. And rather than my insensitive nipples, the pain bit into my shins. The place where intensity makes me sweat like nothing else. Not even marathon running!

It felt like a lifetime that I sat there and squeaked, but in reality I know that 1001011 was swift in his release of the bindings that (almost) held me securely in position.

Once free he scooped up, slid me from the Ishidaki board.

With my head swimming but my shins now resting on the soft rug I felt a wave of embarrassment. I hadn’t been in position long, how could I possibly have been such a wimp? I know I got off lightly now, since learning that Ishi-Daki translates to Stone Hugging. And without having a 550lb stone placed on my thighs once bound into position, unlike the poor souls in ancient Japan, I really had no call to make such a fuss. Unless, perhaps, the problem was my wiggling. Maybe a heavy rock would have helped keep me in position. Prevented the movement that triggered a million nipple clamps on my delicate shins.

1001011 came and sat on the floor next to me, talking to me, reassuring me.

He rubbed my back with kindness as I wallowed in my own shame, picked apart my inability to process these sensations. They say pride comes before a fall. Well, my masochistic pride took a significant beating in that short and sweet semenawa session. Truly humbled by my friend and a couple of props – some rope and an Ishidaki board. It was so traumatically painful, there is only one thing I can say…

When can we do it again?

Sinful Sunday


  1. I’ve not ever tried a board, but admit I’m curious. But oh so scared! lol
    You look very graceful, even though I assume this was agonizing πŸ™‚

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