Elust 166 – October 2023

elust 166 header image shows blonde woman in PVC dress leaning back over her a bench seat.

It barely seems like any time since I was out trick or treating my youngest, but here we are just a couple of weeks away. Which can only mean one thing, that it’s time for the October edition of everybody’s favourite digest of sex bloggers – Elust 166! From the gorgeous Heather Strong, who provided the header image, to all of the talented writers down below, I can’t wait to get stuck in. Time to hand you over to Oz…

Welcome to Elust 166

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust. Congratulations to Sex Worker Search, winner of the Elust contest for August. £50 GBP prize donated to SWARM, a grassroots sex worker-led collective fighting criminalisation, supporting sex workers, & engaging in solidarity across issues of justice.

This months Elust has it all Femdom, chastity, body image, hormone therapy, Popping, sexiness for sexagenarians, sex-toys, erotica, inspiration and motivation, fantasies, escort booking etiquette, a cuckolding duo, free speech, bi MMF and FMTY role-play.



Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Domina Decoded: 5 Femdom/Male Sub Principles. “The undercurrent, though, is that people want to feel like they matter — and submission is just one way to satisfy that craving for significance.” I really identify with this, so don’t skip by just because you don’t fit the F/m dynamic Super Smash Cache is writing about.

Why Male Chastity Is Not A Femdom Essential. Silken Claws talks about her style of Dominance and how she isn’t actually that keen on chastity for a submissive.

Erotic Non Fiction

Take A Look At Yourself. My offering for the month, and one that still hits me in the knickers (if I’m wearing them!)

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Man GirlieBoy shares a glimpse at the changes their endocrinologist has made, and the effect these are having on their libido.

Get Popping: The Hot New Pleasure Trend While enjoying some indecent porn the other day I almost came (had chosen edging over orgasm) to the sounds of a woman’s vagina popping on the end of a fat dildo. (Not going to lie, the size had a big impact on my building pleasure.) I love that this is a known pleasure technique and am wondering which of my toys might work best for it.

Wild Monogamy: interview with Mali Apple Does getting older excite or scare you? Mali Apple and Joe Dunn have taken their experiences and shared how to age lovingly, and how to create joyful moments as you do.

Product Reviews

The Basilisk The different textures on the Basilisk make it seem like an interesting dildo to use in any hole!

Worth Every Penny: Why Bloom’s AI Chat Is A Game-Changer. I’ve not encountered AI chat before, but Liz Black thinks it works well.

Erotic Fiction

The Gym Well, my gym isn’t like this. But then I’m so rarely there I can’t be surprised!

Steph’s Surprise Steph is a cuckoldress, and her (somewhat surprised) cuck seems to be well and truly on board.

Dare Fancy finding erotica written around sandwiches…

The Bradley Shower Pole. “All I am right now is a hole, he told himself, over and over, like a prayer. Just a hole for the taking. Just a warm, wet thing, a sheath, a place to get stuffed. Please, please.” Beautifully written piece from Sugarbutch, which has me squirming.

Writing about writing

Abundant Gratitude for Generosity and Grit. A post of reflections from Ramone Quides, and some exciting links to follow for us aspiring writers.

Sex Work

Bring Your Fantasies to Life “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: life’s pleasures are in the details.” So beautifully said.

The Perfect Enquiry Looking for handy hints on how to enquire with a provider? Fantastic, simple to follow steps. (And has got me thinking it may be worth writing similar for approaching subs… There are defintiely lessons to be learnt here.

Wiggly Worm the Cuckold. Duo With Sylvie Oz has such a way with word. His adventures with Sylvie and the wiggly worm look as much fun as he ever has!

Interview with Mike Stabile from Free Speech Coalition I look forward to reading Mike Stabiles responses when they are published.

MMF Duo with Oz Bigdownunder. I’m glad it’s not just me that finds the AI robots to be a little delicate. Mind you, Sandra has found a way to illustrate her fantasy through AI.

Fly Me To You. Police Role-Play in Dublin Now I want police approved Pleasers! Another hot scene from Lady In Latex.

Elust Sex Blogs

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