Twisted Rope Adventures With 1001011

Latex and rope adventures with 1001011 being bound and placed into a vacbed, with a bobble hood over his head.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any rope adventures with 1001011, most recently was a latex suspension from last summer. Longer still since I’ve shown just him tied by me. And I had NEVER entertained the idea of me rigging him and playing with latex. (But then I never thought I’d tie two bunnies at the same time…)

Until, that is, I spotted a picture on Instagram.

PurpleJonesy tied up by Mystrix, laying inside a vacbed. Pinging the post to him I asked if I’d remembered rightly that he had a vacbed. A positive response saw me asking to do that to him the next time we shared adventures in rope.

So I guess that’s another thing for my list of “Nope, that’s not me!” activities which actually belong in my “oooh, yay, let’s do that!” list.

It was him who suggested the bobble hood. Before I started tying him. And naturally I agreed. Being totally encased, compressed in latex… Who am I to deny my friend of one of life’s great pleasures?!

The hishi design is one he taught me back in 2018. Could either of us remember how to tie it? Could we heck! And so, for these recent rope adventures with 1001011 I had to make my own way. This was the most fun part, both of us realising that neither of us could remember it. Watching 1001011 try to help in the same way I try to help when in his position.

But we got there.

And then we got him down onto the floor and into the vacbed. Soon he was as pretty as a picture… If the picture was a black slick of rubber poured over a bound body.

The hood was a great success. Fun for me to put on, with his hands tied inside the vacbed. Once in place it separated him from me, cocooned him further, left him entirely at my mercy

Polishing the latex, tickling his toes, trailing my fingertips along the ropes, increasing and decreasing the suction on a whim, playing with his senses…

And there I was…

just an innocent bystander while 1001011 had some delightful adventures in my rope and his latex.

Well, I wasn’t quite innocent but I can’t help that.

Sinful Sunday


    1. I used nylon rope, so I know that is less likely to damage the latex.

      However, the tension is on the body rather than on the latex which, I think, makes it easier (definitely suggest it. He was sparkly eyed!)

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