Floor Rope Courtesy Of 1001011

floor rope for the barefoot sub, A choker tie chest harness, and both legs restricted tightly highlighting her flexibility.

As you will know by now, I love rope. But what I don’t often show is floor rope. Why not? Because when I’m flying, it’s a test of endurance, 1001011 circles and tweaks lines, checks safety and takes pictures. but when I’m on the floor it’s a constant give and take. He’ll tighten up a line, I’ll wriggle. He’ll manoeuvre my limbs through transitions, I’ll stretch and strain against my bindings. There will be pain, chitter-chatter, giggling and then, if I haven’t asked to be released quickly, there will be photos.

The February prompt for Sinful Sunday is Purple.

I had a picture in mind to share, a picture that will probably come out later in the month for February Photo Fest but that all changed when I saw this tweet.

My initial pre-caffeinated reaction was to holler back “Fuck Yes.” But later…

Once I was two coffees down I slid into my photo archives, scrolled through ropey fun-time photos from sessions with 1001011 and Loki. This one matches the prompt… And shares a little rope I’d all but forgotten about. AND it even shows me something I love about myself, which is great for my February Photo Fest theme.

Physically, I’m pretty flexible. I am mildly hypermobile which makes for fun in Yoga classes. It also makes me high risk for sports which might lead to those joints being stretched out. But what it also does is make it tricky to tension me in rope.

I will go: slack, slack, slack, slack, OOOOHHHHH, That’s Goooood!!!!! TOO TIGHT!!!!

(Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks.)

What the photo at the top shows is that I am indeed physically flexible, especially when being put through my paces in 1001011‘s floor rope meanness. But I want to celebrate the things that you can’t see. And it is my inner flexibility that I like. I’ve spoken before about planned spontaneity, well I do like to keep enough room in my world for going off piste as opportunities present themselves. (Like this post, I am being flexible by changing my planned picture. Ha! That made me chuckle.)

In the same way that I’m kind to myself if I want to change plans, I extend the same kindness to others. I am always happy for someone to change plans, my only condition is that they are honest rather than making up some BS excuse. I won’t judge someone for needing an evening at home in the bath with Michael Buble playing softly on the radio. Or if you’ve had a better offer! But if you lie to me that makes me sad, breaks my trust and means I won’t ask again. Then my flexibility disappears and I become rigid with my boundaries. Oooh, boundaries. That’s a good idea for a post later in the month.

Sinful Sunday
February Photo Fest 2023

Thank you for joining me for February PhotoFest 2023. This is my fourth time joining the month long celebration of erotic and sensual photography. If you’re enjoying it please do go and check out the previous years: 2019 was an incomplete month. I skipped 2020 due to not blogging at the time but 2021 was a joy to plan and complete, in spite of lockdowns. 2022 was a little more relaxed behind the scenes, but jam packed with pictures and memories I love.


  1. I am completely in awe of this stuff. I love to see you and others showing the beauty of rope, but just know that my body couldn’t cope these days. So, voyeur I am!

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