Gagging Order

gagging order header shows me tied with my arms behind my back, partially suspended, with a latex hood covering all but my mouth which is stuffed with a ball gag

Somewhere along the way with 1001011 gagging one another became something of the order of things when it comes to our rope. Sure, it doesn’t happen every time we tie together, but like all of the best things in life we generally remember the first time.

And this picture was from the first time he introduced a gag; I never remember the order of our rope evenings, until I look through our drive, and then I can see the date. This was early November 2021, our second time tying together. My first time wearing a gag with another person present. I had been concerned that I’d drool all over his studio floor, a musing the made him laugh.

When I had the hood on I couldn’t have cared less.

Until he commented on the puddle. While I’m not in the least bit embarrassed at drooling, there is something a little wicked about the way my brain chatters on, degrading me in the daftest way. A later session, I think this one at my house, would see him stating there should be a cup beneath me, to collect the dribbly mess that was forming a puddle.

I stumbled across this picture just last week. One I had previously discounted as I was shy about it. About the gag, the way the rope cut into my flesh as I teetered helplessly. I felt vulnerable rather than my customary fierce. (This is fine for private play with my friends, but sharing here can feel a bit more challenging. Here I like to share my fierce rope!

Now though, I’m lifting my self-set gagging order, excited to share.

I’m starting to feel stronger in my vulnerability. Understanding my interest in humiliation and degradation… Play with D has included a ring gag, opening up a whole different conversation. (Once I was safely ungagged, obviously.) We are both excited at the possibilities for a whole spectrum of play. Regardless of the order of play, or the type of gag, I am looking forward to seeing where we end up with this particular perversion.

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  1. Oh I totally understand the sense of vulnerability and how that makes you shy to share it. I have always found that when I do share them I feel fierce for doing so


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