Imagination Stretching

Firing my imagination by stretching out on the sofa with an erotic photobook.
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Almost there… Today has my last day of school holidays and we have all survived. Just! Small went back yesterday, and Big goes back tomorrow. There have been a lot of family adventures, laughter and downright silliness. I’ve also had a some down-time thrown in for good measure. Adult adventures of my own, from developing my dynamic with D, to sharing some rope and rubber time with 1001011, not to mention time at events and on the Moor. I’ve even been able to carve out moments in time, when the boys are home. Whether that’s stretching my holes while they’re in bed, or stretching my imagination while they’re up and about.

Which is exactly what I found myself doing yesterday. On the penultimate day of 24/7 parenting for this holiday.

Stretching my imagination I mean.

I find myself in the rather fortunate position of being in (temporary) possession of a selection of erotic books and magazines. Stories that I will read in turn, which I’m so incredibly grateful for as reading from the kindle makes my brain sore. The magazines are a trip down memory lane, and I’m very excited to thumb through these late into the night. But yesterday I found myself with half an hour of peace, and pulled one of the coffee table books out.

The book, Eric Kroll’s Fetish Girls is just marvellous. Some of the pictures wet my pussy. Many of them whet my imagination. And one in particular made me question what is exactly normal and lovely in my world.

This being the first fetish-themed coffee table book I’ve encountered, I had given up hope of finding one. Now I have found a varied selection of this style of book. For example Motel Fetish, another of Kroll’s collections, will be joining my bookshelf soon.

Particularly exciting as, after I worked with Tree of Life Photography, we spoke about creating one of our own. A number of factors have paused this discussion, but it hadn’t been decided against.

With the availability of images online, there is still a space in my world for weighty tomes.

I wonder… Am I the only avid page turner? Surely I can’t be.

I certainly haven’t been able to put the idea to rest, but I wonder if I’m in a tiny minority of book lovers who struggles to find the same with online reading. Now I’ve seen the beauty of Eric Kroll’s work… I find myself wondering once more when this imagination stretching idea will take shape. Form into a beautiful piece of work.

After all, it’s nice to have daydreams, but even better to have goals.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on my photobook, you can always pick up a copy of my first foray into being published in the world of erotica.


  1. I have some great photo/art coffee-table style books, one of Petty Pinups and another featuring the artwork of Alphonse Mucha. I love books — actual, physical books with turn-able pages — and quirky art books are always a fun find. Your collection sounds like it is well worth a look!

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