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My First Anthology: He Will Obey

Anthology promo artwork
Image: Lindsay Crook

It was the middle of August and I was scrolling through twitter late one night. Something caught my eye, an open call for an anthology. Not just any anthology, mind you. A FemDomme one. Specifically Female Domination and male submission.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that, regardless of what people assume, I am submissive. So my next action may surprise you.

I DM’d the anthology creator and editor, Jay Willow Bay

Well, the story was already writing itself in my mind. But I write as the barefoot sub, and the story would have a submissive woman and a dominant male at the forefront. Not in the ways that you might imagine, but I felt that I needed to check if I would be welcome.

Turns out I caught him on the backfoot. Initially he was reluctant, but once I outlined the tale he was interested. Suggested I submit it for consideration.

After almost 2 months of procrastination I decided to embrace the fear, got the words out of my head at last. I called in a favour from one friend who loves proofreading and copy editing, she sent it back with a few highlighted sections which I fixed. And then it was sent on it’s way. My first submission for an anthology. This was a huge step, and I felt entirely vulnerable. Fortunately he liked it, and a week later I received confirmation that my story would be included.

Well, that was 6 weeks ago now.

Four weeks later, on the first of December, I had a treat in my Twitter feed as I headed to bed in the very early hours. Feverishly devouring the words on my screen before turning out the light I blinked in disbelief. This was actually happening. The anthology was almost ready for release and… (scrolling down the page) …there I was! My story was definitely part of it!

Last week Jay released his first editorial project into the wide world of Amazon, sharing his story alongside 20 other authors. Some of us are first timers, others are more experienced. But everybody brings something different to the table, a different skillset, alternative experiences. More than that, there is a real sense of us all being in this together. A new selection of lovely folk for my twitter feed, and for my emails.

My first anthology promo picture including front cover and author names
Image: Lindsay Crook

I ordered my copy in paperback. Not only do I love books, but i still don’t think I would believe it should I read the digital version. If it is in ink and on my bookshelf then… perhaps it isn’t a dream?

When it arrived I was surprised at the weighty tome. Thick, just how I like them, and bursting at the seams with smut! And nestled inside, in amongst the Dominant women and the sissy bois, is my story. About a submissive who likes a challenge: Marie likes to win.

It is no secret, I find December a tricky month. But now I have an extra piece of evidence which proves it’s not all bad. The release date anniversary of my first anthology.

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He Will Obey is available from Amazon in Paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.




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