Light Up The Petrol Station

Exposing myself by raising my jumpers at the pump as I light up the petrol station and fill up the fuel tank with SWL.

First things first, let me say… SWL took this from the far side of the forecourt and zoomed in close. We both wanted to light up the petrol station, however, neither of us wished to be the cause of an explosion! Secondly, do you know how many times we have planned this and failed. Fuelling up is a tricky business, and it seems everybody wants to do it! However, with the distance brought about by our camping trip to North Devon came a certain boldness. There was driftwood on the beach and my feet went slipping away, not to mention many more spots. Which included this busy but achievable pitstop which greeted us on our travels.

Given how long this has been on our to-do list it was a pleasure to see I’m not the only one who chose to brighten up life on the pumps. Molly Has also been at it, with her post Fill Me Up. While it is important (to me) that public exposure doesn’t break anyone else’s consent, I love the reminder that people only really see what they are looking for.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Boob Day
February Photofest 2022

Light Up The Petrol Station is part of my third week for February Photo Fest 2022, which has the theme Fun with Friends.

2022 is my third time participating in February Photo Fest. February Photo Fest 2019 was my first, with my second being February Photo Fest 2021.


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